Scottish Socialist Party Policies

The challenges of the 21st century require radical action. Climate crisis, automation, inequality, the instability of capitalism, the eroding of democracy and the long-term consequences of Coronavirus mean we need real, systemic change.

Real change requires the leadership of the organised working class in communities, workplaces, and government – not the bosses or the billionaires.

The Scottish Socialist Party campaigns for a socialist transformation of Scotland’s economy through a Socialist Green New Deal based on a socialist recovery plan in an independent, socialist Scotland.

Action on the Cost of Living Crisis

End Poverty Pay and Precarious Jobs

Repeal anti-Trade Union Laws

A Four-Day Week on Five Day’s Pay

Proper Sick Pay for All Workers

Ban Fire and Rehire

Scotland’s Housing Crisis

National Energy Company and Fuel Poverty

Free Public Transport

Land, Rural Communities, Agriculture, and Food Security

Self-Determination and an Independent Socialist Scotland

A New Constitution and a Stronger Democracy

No Cuts Budget, Universal Basic Services, and Wealth Redistribution

National Care Service

Unpaid Carers and Disabled People

Universal Basic Income, Social Security, and Reducing Poverty

The NHS, Mental Health, and Public Healthcare

Education, Education Workers, and Students

Justice, Human Rights, and Liberation

Internationalism and Scotland’s Place in the World