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The Scottish Socialist Party has undergone a period of resurgent growth since the referendum campaign, with swelling membership and regular activism. Our politics remain as red as always, and our commitment to independence is undimmed.

We rely solely on the money we raise from our members, friends and supporters to finance our campaign, and every penny we receive in donations to help promote our socialist vision of Scotland is much appreciated. We have been out on the streets throughout Scotland, with street stalls, public activity, public meetings and door to door canvassing and we have received a positive response to our campaign work and canvassing and have received requests from all over Scotland for our varied speakers, activists and SSP campaign material.

You can help Scotland’s largest and most successful socialist party today, and support the continuing effort for an independent socialist Scotland.

One thought on “Donate to the SSP

  1. As a 63 year old Yorkshireman, I am envious of the Scottish people. I am no nationalist but I am envious of the Scottish Working class. They have a chance to rid themselves of the Westminster warmongers and robber Barons for good. Why cannot those on the left see who see the referendum as divisive look across the water to Ireland. They agree that they should be an independent united Ireland so why not Scotland? Imperialism in Scotland is no different. The Scottish people can get rid of the Tories and by the same stroke get rid of the treacherous Labour scum who have betrayed the working class for years. I am moved to join the SSP even though I am not Scottish.

    Fraternal greetings and good luck. Please send an address for donations

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