Struggle. Solidarity. Socialism.

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the YES side can only win if it can persuade Scotland’s working-class majority they will be economically, socially, and politically better off

Colin Fox, SSP National Co-Spokesperson

SSP National Co-Spokespersons Natalie Reid and Colin Fox

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the Party of Scotland’s Working-Class Fighters

End Fuel Poverty

No one should have to choose between a warm meal and a warm home. Cut bills and private profiteering, end the imposition of prepayment meters, and bring energy into public ownership.

An elderly lady experiencing fuel poverty trying to stay warm at home.
Members of the SSP behind a banner reading "independent socialist Scotland"

An independent socialist Scotland

We support self-determination and independence. But independence needs a vision that delivers transformative change for the working-class majority in Scotland.

Socialist change, not climate crisis

“Humanity” didn’t cause the climate crisis – capitalism did. To put people and planet first, we need socialist solutions that fight poverty and pollution together.

Three young women activists with SSP placards reading "free public transport", "socialist green new deal", and "people over profit"
Workers on strike with a large banner reading "solidarity with the strike"

A fighting socialist party

The SSP is a socialist party rooted in the working class. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow workers fighting for economic justice and taking strike action.

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