Fire and Rehire: Ban it Now!

  • “Fire and Rehire” attacks on workers should be banned completely.
  • Strengthen workers’ rights and build fighting Trade Unions.

A Growing Problem

“Fire and Rehire” is a growing problem and a threat to every worker.

As many as one in ten workers were threatened with “Fire and Rehire” in the first year of the pandemic. Younger and BAME workers in the UK are disproportionately targeted by “Fire and Rehire”.

Workers are threatened with redundancy and job losses if they do not reapply for their current roles on worse contracts. That means cuts to their jobs, to pay, to terms and conditions, and the invasion of their time by bosses demanding more work and longer hours for less money.

If any worker’s rights can be torn up, then every worker’s rights can be torn up. We have to fight back against “Fire and Rehire” and make sure that it is banned in the UK.

Workers have been fighting back against “Fire and Rehire” tactics by employers like Weetabix, Clarks, British Airways, Tesco, and British Gas.

70% of companies using “Fire and Rehire” are already profitable. But workers are strongarmed into lower pay and worse conditions while executive bonuses continue to grow.

Ban Fire and Rehire

The Scottish Socialist Party fully supports a total ban on “Fire and Rehire” attacks on workers.

A 2021 survey found that three-quarters of the public support a ban on “Fire and Rehire”.

There are already laws against “Fire and Rehire” in countries such as Ireland, France, and Spain. Trade Unions and the SSP have called for “Fire and Rehire” to be outlawed in the UK too.

The SSP has proudly stood beside workers fighting back against “Fire and Rehire”. SSP members are helping build fighting Trade Unions that stand up for workers.