About the Scottish Socialist Party

“Raise Wages, Not Walls” (Photo: Craig Maclean)

With socialist representation, everybody benefits.

The Scottish Socialist Party was founded in 1999 and stands for an independent socialist Scotland, and putting people and planet before profit. A red-blooded manifesto, steadfast opposition to the illegal war in Iraq and unparalleled solidarity with striking firefighters in the dispute of 2002/03 propelled 6 SSP MSPs to Parliament with 130,000 votes in 2003.

Then and now, the SSP has a proven record of standing up for working-class communities in Scotland. We:

  • Introduced Holyrood legislation ending poindings and warrant sales.
  • Introduced legislation ending prescription charges in Scotland.
  • Introduced legislation providing free school meals to every school pupil.
  • Pioneered radical arguments for drugs decriminalisation.
  • Kept our promise that our MSPs will only take home the equivalent of the wage of the average worker they represent.
  • Played a crucial role, as key members of Yes Scotland and the Radical Independence Campaign, in shaping the independence movement into one that encapsulated a positive vision for a radically transformed Scotland.
  • Oppose illegal and unjust wars, from Tony Blair to Donald Trump.
  • Have unflinchingly supported workers taking industrial action.
  • Have put our members at the heart of the winning campaign within the Trade Union movement for a higher minimum wage for all over 16, for the abolition of zero-hour contracts, and public ownership as the alternative to private profiteering.

Now, and in 2021, we are bringing forward plans for a publicly-owned National Care Service and to scrap the regressive Council Tax. We’re campaigning to build 100,000 Council homes per year to fix Scotland’s housing crisis and for a Socialist Green New Deal. We’re out to win a better deal for workers, and to advance the winning case for an independent, socialist Scotland.

What makes the SSP different?

The SSP is an anti-capitalist, pro-independence, working-class party, with a vision of a different kind of country. We’re building a Scotland in which no one is left behind, with a publicly-owned and democratically-controlled economy, where the needs of all people are met regardless of their wealth or status.

We reject the discredited economic model of austerity, attacks on workers’ rights, privatisation, and the eroding of democratic control of the economy. Recovery and real change go hand-in-hand, but the Tories, the SNP, and the Labour Party are only offering more of the same. The Scottish Socialist Party promises real change.

We don’t have billionaire backers or big corporate donors. We only rely on the support of Scottish Socialist Party members and the generosity of working-class communities. Socialists belong in a working-class, socialist party – not parties of peers, knights, bosses, and landlords.

A Sustainable Future

The challenges of the 21st century require radical action. Climate crisis, automation, inequality, the instability of capitalism, the eroding of democracy and the long-term consequences of Coronavirus mean we need real change, not more of the same.

To ensure that everybody’s needs are met, and to ensure we pass on a sustainable future to the next generation, we need a radical rethink of our economy – building a publicly-owned, needs-based economy as the basis for future prosperity, and putting people and planet before profit.

Real change requires the leadership of the organised working class in communities, workplaces, and government – not the bosses, the billionaires, or capitalism.

We dare to be different. We stand up to the bosses, the billionaires, and the powerful Scottish establishment on behalf of this country’s working-class majority. We’re winning real change.

We don’t have or want billionaire backers and big corporate donors: we only seek our support from Scottish Socialist Party members and the generosity of working-class communities. We need you to support real change.

Scottish Socialist Party members are card-carrying ambassadors for the working-class movement, and the most important resource we could ever have. Comradeship is the heart of the socialist movement.

Come rally; support real change today.