The Party of Scotland’s Working-Class Fighters

Our Vision is of a Scotland and a world transformed for the improvement of the lives of working-class people – a world built on the basis of class solidarity between workers of the world, and organised on the principles of democratic socialism.

Our vision is of a freer, fairer, more equal, more just, peaceful, and greener Scotland without the poverty, inequality, injustice, and instability that dominate the lives of so many of Scotland’s people. As socialists, we know that we need a plan for socialist transformation.

Working-class people, collectively, create and maintain the world and its wealth – but under capitalism, we do not share in the fruits of our collective labour.

Instead, we envision a future where the wealth created by human beings, and the tools, technologies, and complex organisations used to create that wealth, are owned by working-class people collectively, and managed democratically, for the common good of all – not just the enrichment and profit of the very few.

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Our Mission is defined by the three pillars of class struggle, class solidarity, and socialism.

Our mission is to support the political organisation, political education, and political mobilisation of the working-class majority in Scotland, and to promote the democratic socialist vision for change. The Scottish Socialist Party is the party of Scotland’s working-class fighters.

Our mission is to be a party of activists, doers, and socialist fighters. SSP members are committed to standing up for the working-class, and a democratic socialist vision for change, at street stalls, picket lines, and elections; and within our trade unions, our workplaces, and our communities.

The SSP does not have, and does not want, billionaire backers or big corporate donors. We only ever need and only ever seek the support of working-class people. The Scottish Socialist Party is a party of workers, a party of activists, and a party of socialist fighters – led democratically by members.

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Our Record of standing up for the interests of working-class people in Scotland is second to none. Since 1998, only the Scottish Socialist Party can claim to be the party of Scotland’s working-class fighters.

The Scottish Socialist Party stands on the side of the working class. As a party of trade unionists we stand with and actively support workers in the fight for jobs, pay, conditions, and workers’ rights. The SSP campaigns for higher pay for workers, improved conditions, the abolition of anti-trade union laws and for democratic public ownership.

We have always opposed all budget cuts and the privatisation of public services, public spaces, and sectors of the economy, and demanded no cuts budgets and an end to discredited austerity.

In campaigning for Scottish independence, the SSP has always argued for an independent socialist Scotland, and a modern democratic republic – a vision for Scotland’s future that improves the lives of the working-class majority of Scotland.

We know that workers should rise with their class, not out of it – that’s why elected SSP representatives commit to only taking home a wage equivalent to the average worker. In the Scottish Parliament, SSP MSPs pioneered radical, progressive policies on ending drug deaths, free public transport, and abolishing prescription charges and warrant sales in Scotland.

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