Venezuela at the crossroads

by Bill Bonnar

It was an election marred by blatant vote rigging and corruption with the opposition crying foul. It was an election which lacked legitimacy in the eyes of much of the international community and among its Latin American neighbours. Not Venezuela but in nearby Paraguay which last week ‘elected’ the billionaire Horacio Cartes of the far right Colorado Party to the presidency. Cartes, who previously served a jail sentence for corruption and drug dealing, was almost immediately endorsed by the United States as the legitimate winner in the election.

The contrast with Venezuela could not be more stark. The right wing opposition has cried foul on the election alleging widespread vote rigging;

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The Scotsman NewspaperEdinburgh SSP activist Paul Jordan had an edited version of his letter below published today in The Scotsman and The Herald.  The SSP has been campaigning to scrap the ‘bedroom tax’, with streets stalls and public meetings seeing huge support from the public.

I welcome the news that SNP councils will defy Westminster and refuse to evict families who fall into arrears due to this hated tax. The fight-back must be built further. People being forced further into debt is completely unacceptable. This adds yet more fear and uncertainty into the lives of the most vulnerable and financially hard-pressed amongst us. Would an Independent Scotland vote for a Government committed to such ruthless attacks? A 72-year-old woman was amongst those that signed the petition on saturday,

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Top 10 Unionist Myths – DEBUNKED

This wee film brilliantly cuts through the No campaigns barrage of lies and fearmongering. ‘Better Together’ tried to have the film taken down from YouTube after there were nearly 500,000 hits on the site.The film has been re-uploaded several times.

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New Website Launch for 2013

SSP is proud to announce its new websiteWelcome to the Scottish Socialist Party’s new website. We hope you enjoy its many exciting new features and enhanced backroom operations.  As you can see it highlights many of the political campaigns the Scottish Socialist Party is involved in.

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Who are we

Kevin McVey - SSP National SecretaryThe Scottish Socialist Party is a modern, fresh, forward-looking party which dares to be different. We despise the culture of greed, corruption and egomania which infests traditional politics. And we reject the stale, bland conformism of the mainstream parties.

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YES Scotland Launch

Yes to an Independent Scotland Launch

Yes Scotland is now the biggest grass roots political movement this country has seen since the Anti-Poll Tax Federation 25 years ago. With 250 local groups from Shetland to Dumfries more than 10,000 volunteers are out campaigning – Leafleting, canvassing, conducting street stalls and recruitment events – every day of the week. Hundreds of public meetings have been organised to take the case for Independence to every household in the country and to every voter.

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