SSP backs Unions Demand for Publicly Owned ScotRail

SSP National spokesperson Colin Fox today backed criticism of Scottish Transport Minister Michael Matheson for remarks in which he said a publicly owned ScotRail cannot happen until 2025 – at least. Mr Matheson’s predecessor – Humza Yousaf – stated that Scottish Ministers have already set up a company to step in and take over the ScotRail contract if so needed.

Fox said:

“I travelled on Scotrail’s ‘flagship’ service yesterday the expensive Glasgow-Edinburgh line. Not only did the 40 year old train not have Wi-Fi, or a socket for my laptop, or catering it didn’t even have a working toilet! The service offered by Abellio-Scotrail is no better than the many other failing operators down South. Privatisation of the railways has been a disaster in Britain.”

“You might think the Scottish Government would be leading the clamour for a far better service and for railways in Scotland to be brought back into public hands. But not a bit of it.”

“SNP transport minister Michael Matheson today ruled out taking the Scotrail franchise away from the failing Dutch company Abellio. It is hard to disagree with the rail unions who say “The SNP’s commitment to our railways has been, to date, all talk and no action.”

“Rail passengers continue to face a shoddy service and astronomical fares. Only public ownership will deliver the 21st century service rail passengers in Scotland are entitled to. And whilst the SNP runs away from such a promise, the Scottish Socialist Party remains committed to delivering it.”

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