Scottish Socialist Voice Forum to debate indyref tactics

In its 20 years of publication the Scottish Socialist Voice has had support for independence as a cornerstone policy.

In the 2014 campaign, the Voice regularly carried arguments and articles in favour of a Yes  vote from leading campaigners across a range of viewpoints and organised discussion forums on aspects of the campaign.

As the calling of a second referendum draws ever closer we are organising another Voice forum aimed at taking a critical look at the politics of a renewed independence campaign and specifically what needs to be done to win the crucial working class majority to vote Yes.

Speakers at the event include:

  • Councillor Mary Lockhart (speaking in a personal capacity)
  • Gordon Martin, Scottish organiser RMT
  • Ben Wray, Common Weal
  • SSP national spokesman Colin Fox

In 2014 it was the belief that a Yes vote could mean real change in peoples’ lives which saw the independence case winning in largely working class communities in places such as Glasgow and Dundee. 

Consolidating that working class base from 2014 and winning over key sections such as pensioners to support independence will be absolutely central to success and that in turn must mean working class demands on housing, wages, jobs and health are at the heart of the independence campaign

While the democratic outrage which yet again sees Scotland facing a policy – Brexit – which we did not vote for, imposed by a UK which voted otherwise is important but it cannot be the sole aspect of a successful campaign.

Like the Scottish Socialist Party the Voice backed a Remain vote last year on the basis that it was the lesser of two evils in which, despite a range of criticisms of the EU’s neoliberal policies, we believed that a Leave vote would strengthen a reactionary carnival of right wing union jack jingoism.

So it has proved.

We believe that an independence victory is vital to break with the dismal politics of Westminster and open the way to a more just and sustainable future and ultimately a democratic socialist republic and that is why the debate on tactics and strategy at the forum is key

The event takes place in the Royal Overseas League, 100A Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3AB between 10am and 1pm on Saturday 11th March.

Tickets are available here.