SSP backs Unions Demand for Publicly Owned ScotRail

SSP National spokesperson Colin Fox today backed criticism of Scottish Transport Minister Michael Matheson for remarks in which he said a publicly owned ScotRail cannot happen until 2025 – at least. Mr Matheson’s predecessor – Humza Yousaf – stated that Scottish Ministers have already set up a company to step in and take over the ScotRail contract if so needed.

Fox said:

“I travelled on Scotrail’s ‘flagship’ service yesterday the expensive Glasgow-Edinburgh line. Not only did the 40 year old train not have Wi-Fi, or a socket for my laptop, or catering it didn’t even have a working toilet! The service offered by Abellio-Scotrail is no better than the many other failing operators down South.

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Fast Food Strike – to win a living wage and union dignity

Thousands of workers are taking part in hospitality sector strikes.

The Bakers union (BFAWU), War on Want and Unite Hospitality are campaigning for workers’ rights and ending poverty pay.

McDonald’s, Wetherspoons and TGI Fridays workers announced renewed strike action. Striking over tips, poverty pay – for a £10 an hour living wage – and for union recognition on the same day. Uber Eats couriers are on strike in protest over a cut in the rates for deliveries – with demands of £5 per drop & £1 per mile. Deliveroo couriers will join them in taking action.

SSP national spokesperson Colin Fox offered fraternal greetings to the Edinburgh solidarity protest.

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Glasgow South Open Day – “Celebrate the Past, Change the Future”

Glasgow South SSP held a hugely successful open day on Saturday the 29th September in the Kinning Park Complex. The loose theme was “Celebrate the past, change the future” and the day consisted of stalls, music, film and workshops all accompanied by much conversation and tea.

Our initial aim for the event was to create an open and inclusive environment for dialogue, debate and discussion amongst party members, potential members and activists across the Southside, in an informal and non-structured setting. Additionally, we also hoped to reconnect with branch members who haven’t been able to be involved in recent branch activities and, hopefully, to recruit new members to the party.

Despite a few hiccups with the promotional strategy,

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Labour Conference Adopts Policy Pioneered by the SSP

by Richie Venton

Hot on the heels of the TUC congress unanimously adopting the pioneering new policy of a guaranteed minimum 16-hour working week – instead of the abomination of zero and short-hours contracts – so too has the Labour Party conference, in a composite Motion on In-Work Poverty, moved by my union Usdaw, seconded by the GMB.

If acted upon, this could be a lifeline to millions of workers subjected to insecure, low-paid jobs, dependency on foodbanks, and mounting mental ill-health.

So it’s immensely welcome that the Corbyn-led Labour conference has overwhelmingly agreed a policy pioneered and spearheaded by socialists outside Labour – specifically, the SSP!!

To avoid any confusion,

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Voice Forum Calls For Indy Left Alternative to Growth Commission

Andrew Wilson’s Growth Commission must be urgently replaced with a progressive alternative if a majority Yes vote is to be won in a second independence referendum.

That was the view of a packed Scottish Socialist Voice Forum in Edinburgh on Saturday. It roundly condemned the neoliberal Growth Commission and called for an alternative capable of winning Scotland’s working class majority.

The platform included former MP George Kerevan, Green Councillor Susan Rae, RMT Union executive Paul Shaw, economist Margaret Cuthbert and SSP spokesman Colin Fox.

At the heart of all the contributions was the urgent need to recognise that a Yes victory lay in the hands of working class voters. Not the bankers who the Growth Commission aim to soothe.

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Remembering 9/11 – the overthrow of socialist Chile

It is the 45th anniversary of the the violent and tragic overthrow of Salvador Allende’s government in Chile. With the first Marxist elected head of state in Latin America.

At the time, and even more in retrospect, it seemed to mark the end of a time when democratic socialists could see possibilities of real advances across the world.

When the Allende government was elected in 1970, it was on a programme which included bringing key national resources into public ownership so they served the interests of the Chilean people and not multi-national companies.

It put in place an ambitious programme of economic and social reform aimed at lifting significant numbers of its people from poverty.

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Pearls of a Private Banking System

by Hugh Cullen, SSP Interim National Secretary

“The only surprise of the Economic Crisis of 2008 was that it came as a surprise to so many”
Joseph Stiglitz, Freefall.

The Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) takes no glee from the crises of capitalism that socialists have tirelessly exposed for the past 200 years. For ours is not to laugh or cry, but to understand.

The fragility of our modern world’s global banking flows, as tragically proven in 2008, is born of a system where absurd amounts of money (and therefore power) is ‘earned’ by those who simply shuffle capital around and gamble on the results.

Not only are speculative bankers not those in society who work to create wealth.

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