Colin Fox: “Not a hope in Hell” Growth Commission will win Workers Support

Responding to a BBC interview defending the policies set out in the Sustainable Growth Commission by its author Andrew Wilson SSP national co-spokesman Colin Fox said:

“Whilst it is true that the Yes movement has spent too little time reflecting on, and learning why, we lost the 2014 referendum, it is also true the conclusions drawn by Andrew Wilson’s Sustainable Growth Commission (SGC) would never have galvanised the broad coalition of support that was marshalled behind the Yes Scotland banner and secured 45% support.

I can assure Andrew Wilson the Scottish Socialist Party, one of the three parties in Scotland who support Independence and a co-founder of Yes Scotland, the Radical Independence Campaign, nor the others on the Left/Centre Left of the Yes movement would have backed his ‘right of centre’

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Colin Fox: Growth Commission will “Torpedo” a future Yes Campaign


Scottish Socialist Party National spokesman and former Yes Scotland board member Colin Fox has warned that putting the right of centre Growth Commission conclusions at the core of a 2nd independence referendum ‘will torpedo the prospect of a 2014 style united Yes campaign.”

Commenting on plans by SNP leaders to adopt the stridently big business economic approach outlined in Andrew Wilson’s Report Fox said:

“The Sustainable Growth Commission was charged with improving the economic case that lost us the 2014 Referendum. But as I pointed out last May when the long awaited Report was finally published not only does it not improve the case in proposing cuts to public spending,

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Leading Irish Housing Campaigner to speak at Socialist Voice Housing Forum

Housing activists attending the Scottish Socialist Voice housing forum later this month will hear of Irish experience on the issue from leading Dublin activist Aisling Hedderman.

Aisling has been in the thick of the militant fight to address Ireland’s housing crisis, a campaign that has seen community activism, occupations and mass street demonstrations.

Much of the activity has been led by the National Homeless Housing Coalition (NHHC) which brings together political parties, Trade unions, NGOs, non profit organisations and grassroots community groups.

Aisling explain: “We have held demonstrations in order to highlight the issue and recently pushed a bill to be passed by the Dáil as NHHC worked in collaboration with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions under the banner of the Raise the Roof campaign in which saw over 10,000 people on the streets for a lunch time rally in October 2018.“

“To date this has been one of the biggest mobilisations for housing.

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Executive Committee Press Release: Venezuela

The Scottish Socialist Party condemns the attempts by the British, American and other western governments to intervene in the current political crisis in Venezuela.This is part of a wider conspiracy to overthrow the democratically elected Socialist Government and replace it with a dependent pro-western government.

That Venezuela is experiencing a profound economic and political crisis is beyond doubt. However, the Scottish Socialist Party condemns the role of, in particular, the United States in fuelling this crisis. They have subjected the country to a damaging economic embargo, have encouraged opposition forces in a campaign of economic sabotage and actively promoted social destabilisation. This has included organised acts of violence by opposition forces. Britain and the United States claim that they are promoting democracy but given their track record as regards Venezuela this is the height of hypocrisy.

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Hammond’s pre-Brexit Budget Fails 8.5 million Workers

SSP is proud to announce its new websiteCommenting on Philip Hammond’s budget SSP spokesman Colin Fox said;

“This is a pre-Brexit giveaway budget designed to put pressure on dissident MP’s Remainers and Brexiteers alike on the spot ahead of a likely Westminster vote in December.”

“Chancellor Philip Hammond promises to find £20bn more for the NHS over the next 5 years, £2bn more for mental health services, £420m for potholes and tax cuts for millions but only if Parliament votes for Theresa May’s Brexit deal negotiated with the EU next month. Otherwise all bets are off.

His increase in the minimum wage from £7.83 to £8.21/hour still leaves 8.5 million people on poverty pay. The Government has already conceded that workers need to earn £10 an hour to pay their own rent,

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SSP backs Unions Demand for Publicly Owned ScotRail

SSP National spokesperson Colin Fox today backed criticism of Scottish Transport Minister Michael Matheson for remarks in which he said a publicly owned ScotRail cannot happen until 2025 – at least. Mr Matheson’s predecessor – Humza Yousaf – stated that Scottish Ministers have already set up a company to step in and take over the ScotRail contract if so needed.

Fox said:

“I travelled on Scotrail’s ‘flagship’ service yesterday the expensive Glasgow-Edinburgh line. Not only did the 40 year old train not have Wi-Fi, or a socket for my laptop, or catering it didn’t even have a working toilet! The service offered by Abellio-Scotrail is no better than the many other failing operators down South.

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Voice Forum Calls For Indy Left Alternative to Growth Commission

Andrew Wilson’s Growth Commission must be urgently replaced with a progressive alternative if a majority Yes vote is to be won in a second independence referendum.

That was the view of a packed Scottish Socialist Voice Forum in Edinburgh on Saturday. It roundly condemned the neoliberal Growth Commission and called for an alternative capable of winning Scotland’s working class majority.

The platform included former MP George Kerevan, Green Councillor Susan Rae, RMT Union executive Paul Shaw, economist Margaret Cuthbert and SSP spokesman Colin Fox.

At the heart of all the contributions was the urgent need to recognise that a Yes victory lay in the hands of working class voters. Not the bankers who the Growth Commission aim to soothe.

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Fox: Brown Deputy Win a Further Blow to SNP Left Wing Stance

Commenting on Keith Brown’s election as SNP deputy leader, SSP national spokesman Colin Fox said:

“The election of right wing candidate and former Royal Marine Keith Brown as SNP deputy is a further sign that the party is rapidly deserting any pretence to be a left wing champion.”

“Keith Brown is the most right wing candidate in this race and his victory clearly points the direction – already trailed by the Growth Commission report – that the party is now taking.”

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