The last remaining Scottish steel plants in Motherwell and Cambuslang threatened with closure by Tata should be taken into public ownership to protect jobs, communities and Scotland’s industrial base – SSP national spokesman Colin Fox said today.

Fox who was brought up in Motherwell and whose family worked in the steel industry for decades said:

“Scotland cannot afford to lose its last steel making plants. Hundreds of skilled jobs and dozens of communities depend on them. The social costs of closure would be huge. Governments in London and in Scotland must act and if necessary take these vital facilities into public ownership.”

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SSP spokesman Colin Fox today criticised the Scottish Government’s privatisation of non-domestic water supplies to the NHS,Scottish Parliament, schools, prisons and local councils as a “further meek surrender to Tory philosophy.”

Fox said : “Awarding this £320million public contract to a private company Anglian Water exposes the Scottish Governments anti-privatisation promises.”

“Hiding behind the excuse that the EU forces them to privatise these contracts they have once again run up the white flag on defending public services in Scotland from attack. Where was the campaign of opposition to this proposal? The public would have been completely behind them.”

‘SNP Infrastructure Minister Keith Brown claims ‘This is the best deal for Scotland’. That is not good enough.’

“Sadly we are seeing a pattern of behaviour emerge here as the SNP also squandered the chance to take the Scotrail contract back into public hands.

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Scottish Socialists Slam Ewing’s Public Energy Rejection

The Scottish Government has rejected calls for the nationalisation of energy from new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Fergus Ewing, minister for Business, Energy and Tourism wants the UK Government to give even more public money to the oil and gas private sector – on top of the billions in subsidies they already get, and further assurances that their taxes will not rise.

Allan Grogan, SSP Energy spokesperson argues: “The future of our energy resources will shape not only our energy production but also our manufacturing industry and environment. In light of this it is essential that the important decisions that need to be made in the oil and gas industry are made by those with the best interests of the nation and its people at heart –

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Corbyn election won’t resolve Scottish Labour crisis

The “astonishing” election of Jeremy Corbyn as UK Labour leader won’t resolve the existential crisis gripping the right wing Scottish Labour Party said SSP national spokesman Colin Fox today.

fox_850x450Reacting to the news that Jeremy Corbyn had won Labour’s leadership election Colin Fox said:

“This astonishing result has confounded the Labour establishment and represents humiliation for his New Labour opponents and political has-beens like Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell and John McTernan. I warmly congratulate Jeremy on his victory.”

“At a UK level I believe that the result is a symptom of a deep seated existential crisis in Labour rather than a solution for it. “

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SSP national spokesman Colin Fox today described the Scottish Government’s Legislative programme as “timid’ adding it represented merely ‘more warm words which leave ingrained social equality untouched”.

Colin said :

colin_fox“Where’s the beef? The First Minister made much of the 500 firms signed up to her £7.85 an hour ‘real living wage’ but omitted to say that even official Westminster figures show working people need to be earning £10/hour to pay their own way and stop qualifying for top up benefits. Nicola Sturgeon needs to do far better than this if poverty pay is to be eradicated in Scotland.”

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Osborne’s Folly: Trident must be scrapped

Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled £500m for the future of the Faslane nuclear submarine base.

Mr Osborne said the cash will fund the construction of related projects as it hosts the country’s submarine fleet.

The Scottish Socialist Party’s national co-spokesperson and peace activist Sandra Webster comments: “Today has demonstrated how out of touch the Westminster government is with the majority of the people of Scotland who oppose nuclear weapons and the presence of Trident on the Clyde. The action to fund instruments and delivery systems of mass civilian slaughter against the will of the people of Scotland feels like that of an occupying force.”

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by Allan Armstrong RCN

Steve Kaczynski has been held in a Turkish prison since April 2nd. He was taken, along with centre workers and the best-selling political band Grup Yorum, in a raid on the Idil Cultural Centre in the Ortaköy district of Istanbul. Steve has not been charged with any offense, has been held in severe isolation, and has been on hunger strike.

Steve is originally from West Lothian. He worked in England as a journalist before moving back to Scotland.  Steve became an active member of the Scottish Socialist Party in Edinburgh and joined the RCN. Steve took a particular interests in the struggles of the Turkish Left, and attended international symposia organised to challenge Turkey’s brutal prison system,

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Scottish Socialist Party to Affiliate with New Left Alliance

Today at the SSP National Council, members voted in favour of the party becoming an affiliate of a new electoral alliance for the Scottish elections next year.

Party Co-spokesperson, Sandra Webster highlighted the potential for socialism to grow in this alliance.

“At our NC today the comrades present voted to enter an alliance with the soon to be renamed Scottish Left Project. All of our comrades should be proud of their passionate discussion and resolution. The SSP look forward to being at the heart of the alliance hoping socialists may be elected to Holyrood in 2016. I look forward to continuing to build the SSP and building a movement that is truly grassroots.”

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