Scottish independence: “build a case for independence that cannot be ignored by Westminster”

National Cospokespersons Colin Fox and Natalie Reid have issued the following statement in response to the Scottish Government announcement regarding a referendum on Scottish independence:

The Scottish Socialist Party has been an independence supporting party since our inception. We believe in a nation’s democratic right to self-determination. We believe an independent, socialist Scotland, a modern democratic republic would better deliver for Scotland’s working-class majority.

The SNP’s announcement that in the absence of a section 30 order they will defer the legal decision to hold a referendum to the UK Supreme Court, is not an inspiring or legitimate route to independence. Deferring to the Supreme Court does nothing to bolster the legal right to hold a referendum. The Scotland Act is clear that the legal power to grant independence lies with the UK Parliament. The more likely scenario is that the SNP will contest the next general election on an independence mandate. This is the latest tactic in the long game of securing votes and parliamentary seats for the SNP.

Any successful case for independence needs to prove to Scotland’s working-class majority that they would be better off with independence. We need a strong economic case, built on fair wages and working conditions, secure pensions, access to truly affordable housing, public ownership of utilities, and a plan to tackle climate change. Independence is not the SNP and it is not tied to EU membership. We need a broad, grassroots approach that represents the diversity of the movement.

We need to agitate and organise to build a case for independence that cannot be ignored by Westminster.

Join the SSP today and help us build the case for an independent, socialist Scotland.

Organise to build the working-class case for independence.

Independent, socialist Scotland.