SSP announce Thorniewood by-election candidate

Liam McCabe is to stand as the Scottish Socialist Party candidate in the Thorniewood local by-election on 9 July, the party has announced.

Liam was a prominent Labour for Independence (LFI) activist during last year’s independence referendum campaign, but left the Labour Party on 19 September and joined the SSP before the General Election last month.

Liam said: ”We are at a very important time in Scotland’s history. Politics as we know it is in flux and many people are crying out for change. We have an energised SNP and a fading Labour Party, but neither of these parties represent a genuine change in the neoliberal and austere politics of our time.

“The Scottish Socialist Party represents a genuine socialist challenge to the problems this country faces and I’m proud to represent them in this by-election.”

This is the first time that there has been an SSP candidate standing within the Thorniewood area, allowing the voters of the ward a fresh chance to vote for Scotland’s socialist party, and is an example of the SSP’s exciting growth since the referendum campaign.

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