Rebuff to May makes a Second Election likely

Commenting on the general election SSP joint National Spokesperson Colin Fox said:

“The over-riding fact in this General election is that Prime Minister Theresa May’s bid for an increased mandate has failed and her credibility is now in tatters.”

“The gains made by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour shows that despite years of denunciation socialist ideas such as public ownership, workers rights and a publicly-owned NHS are highly popular and this must be welcomed.”

“Given the parliamentary arithmetic a second general election must now be a strong prospect.”

Support for independence is greater than that for the SNP
“Here in Scotland the loss sustained by the SNP – losing 21 seats and big figures such as Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson – is a direct consequence of their failure to make the case for independence – supposedly their core belief – leaving the field clear for three unionist parties to hammer home an anti-independence case.”

“Such a simple prospectus allowed the Tories to avoid discussion of their cruel policies such a benefit sanctions, falling living standards, stripping the elderly of their homes and zero hours insecure work. However the reality of their anti-working class policies will now be revealed as today’s Tory victors become tomorrows anti-working class foot soldiers at Westminster.”

“Whilst this result is a setback for the independence movement it also clearly demonstrates that support for independence is greater than that for the SNP, again underlining the case for a reinvigorated broad-based Yes movement.”