New Year message

As we leave 2014 behind and enter 2015 we find the political map of Scotland dotted with question marks. What has been the lasting legacy of that amazing referendum campaign? Who stands to benefit most in this year’s General Election? Will the SNP maintain poll ratings of 40% plus and hold on to 100,000 members to emerge as Scotland’s largest party at Westminster?

Scotland’s working class majority can expect more job losses like City Link, more insecurity and financial hardship stuck in dead end jobs, paying poverty wages, enduring zero hour contracts.

Faced with these challenges the Scottish Socialist Party makes the case for optimism as the unmistakable signs of rebellion detected in the independence campaign spread. The Scottish Socialist Party aims to build on that spirit of resistance as we launch our biggest campaign ever to improve the lives of working class Scots.

In January we will announce our support for a £10/hour living wage and an end to zero hour contracts.

Growing numbers of Scots realise the SSP is the only party in Scotland not compromised by fundamentalist loyalty to the money markets and corporate boardrooms. We see 2015 as a year when employers who treat working class people with contempt are confronted more and more. I see the SSP continue to grow and grow as many more Scots come to realise the vitally important role Scotland’s socialist party plays and one they need more than ever.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year,

Colin Fox and Sandra Webster

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