May Leaves but the Brexit Impasse Remains

Commenting on the May resignation SSP National co-spokesman Colin Fox said:

“Theresa May’s Premiership is over and will forever be haunted by her Brexit failures. Yet her resignation as Prime Minister changes very little in the crisis convulsing UK politics.

Whoever takes over as Tory leader faces the same Westminster arithmetic, their is no majority for her deal, for a second Referendum or a ‘No deal’ Brexit either. MP’s have made it clear what they don’t want, but not what they do

The Brexit crisis is one of unprecedented proportions and continues to suck the life out of every other political issue.

So the widespread poverty pay, insecurity and indebtedness, the affordable housing crisis, benefit cuts, public transport shortages and so forth are left to fester.

No answers to any of these issues is offered from the array of right wing politicians, the heirs of Thatcher, all vying for the PM’s post.

In 2016 the SSP backed Remain reluctantly warning that a Leave vote would spark a carnival of reaction. Today’s politics sadly bear out our prediction.

Here in Scotland the Westminster crisis reinforces the case for independence. We see it as a route to a radically different future informed by the needs of working people not the rich elites backing Farage and Johnston.

However the current insistence by some independence supporters in linking EU membership to independence has reduced the case to a sub plot of Brexit and downplayed the case for independence as a motor for real change.

The endorsement by the SNP of the pro austerity Growth Commission’s economics has further hindered the key task of winning Scotland’s working class majority to Yes.

Whatever the outcome of Westminster’s Brexit arm wrestling the central issues facing Scotland’s working class remain defending and advancing living standards and making the case for taking the independence road out of the increasingly right wing Westminster towards a pro people and planet Scotland.

Marx’s warning that history repeats itself first as tragedy then as farce is relevant here.

Thatcher was a tragedy which exposed the cruel reality of the supposed equal union which ignored Scottish opinion. Action is now imperative if we are not to repeat history as part of a likely Boris led farce.”