End Fuel Poverty: Tell Truss she hasn’t done enough

Liz Truss has not done nearly enough to end fuel poverty.

Millions of us are still facing unaffordable energy bills during a wider cost of living crisis – hurting our homes, our health, businesses, and critical services such as care homes while companies like Shell and BP report record levels of profit.

Ten million families are still unable to afford their energy bills. We need immediate action to end fuel poverty in the UK.

That’s why Scottish Socialist Party National Cospokesperson Colin Fox will join Energy Action Scotland’s Frazer Scott, Kenny MacAskill MP, and representatives from the RMT, CWU, and other trade unions at the UK Government Headquarters in Edinburgh on 1 October to demand real action is taken to end fuel poverty.

Only the state has the means to prevent thousands more avoidable deaths expected this winter.

A demonstration will take place on Sibbald Walk, Edinburgh at 12pm on 1 October 2022 to demand that:

  • Energy bills are cut and frozen to make sure that no household pays more than 10% of its income on energy.
  • Proper public funding is made available to retrofit every home and public building in Scotland up to the highest possible standard, without cost to residents, to cut bills and create jobs.
  • Energy companies are brought into democratic public ownership, so that we don’t have to pay higher bills or use public funding to subsidise private shareholders.
  • There is an accelerated transition away from fossil fuels at national and local levels – not more fracking – with job guarantees for fossil fuel sector workers without loss of pay.
  • There is an end to pre-payment cards which carry the most expensive tariffs.