COP26: Socialist Green New Deal

COP26 is taking place in Glasgow. The Scottish Socialist Party is bringing the case for a Socialist Green New Deal to COP26.

“Humanity” is not to blame for the climate crisis – the capitalist drive for profit is. Just 100 corporations have spewed out 71% of climate-altering pollutants since 1988.

Instead of cuts to public transport and attacks on cleansing workers, council staff, and others, we need mass action to win free public transport; 100,000 new public-sector eco-homes for affordable rent; clean, green energy in a worker-led Just Transition; 350,000 new green, well-paid, unionised jobs.

We can’t trust the capitalist polluters who created this crisis to solve it. We need Socialist Change, not Climate Change.

The Scottish Socialist Party is bringing the case for a Socialist Green New Deal to COP26.

Join our free public meeting at Community Central Hall, Maryhill, at 7pm Monday 8 November to hear from Trade Union organisers – including BFAWU General Secretary Sarah Wooley and the Glasgow GMB’s Chris Mitchell – why we need a Socialist Green New Deal.

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As capitalist polluters and the governments who prop them up gather at COP26 to discuss climate change – like criminals returning to the scene of their crimes – workers are fighting back.

Railway workers are campaigning against savage cuts to the service – which would totally undermine building clean, green transport to cut car pollution.

Workers in the cleansing service and schools are amongst those fighting against cuts to their real pay, the services they provide, and against the filthy state the host city is in, after years of underfunding.

We need to build solidarity with those in struggle – and link that to the urgent need for measures to combat both poverty and pollution.

This meeting will hear the case for a worker-led transition from fossil fuels to green energy – with no loss of jobs or conditions; the need to retrofit every home, and build 100,000 new eco-houses for rent; the case for free public transport to combat pollution, poverty and social isolation; and other measures that would help achieve socialist change to combat climate change.

As well as workers and young people on the front line, and an SSP speaker, we are delighted to have the general secretary of the Bakers Union (BFAWU) SARAH WOOLLEY as a guest speaker.

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  • A Just Transition
    • Fight pollution and poverty together with a worker-led economic plan for democratic public ownership, green jobs, and an end to inequality. The only “Green New Deal” that can succeed is the one that improves conditions for the working class.
    • Move Scotland’s economic focus away from unsustainable capitalist growth measured by GDP, and plan a new, publicly-owned, democratic, needs-based economy where profits made in Scotland are redistributed to improve life quality.
    • Public ownership is essential to halt climate change. You cannot control what you don’t own. Put democratic public ownership of major industry, infrastructure, energy, land, transport, agriculture, aquaculture, and finance at the heart of an economy fit for the 21st century.
    • Major state intervention to create 350,000 new green jobs in Scotland – well-paid, secure, and with full Trade Union rights – through restoring local manufacturing and modernising infrastructure. Carry out the design and production of necessary equipment and technology in Scotland.
    • Transition all existing fossil fuel and arms workers to skilled jobs in sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy, without loss of income or pensions.
    • To keep Scotland’s skill base well equipped, incorporate environmental and ecological learning, in both STEM and Humanities, into the curriculum of Primary, Secondary, Further, and Higher education.
  • Worker’s Rights: End Poverty Pay and Precarious Jobs
    • Devolve employment law to Holyrood to end low pay, in-work poverty, precarious jobs, and attacks on workers.
    • A £12 minimum wage for all workers over 16 – equal pay for women and end age discrimination.
    • End the exploitative “gig economy”, phony apprenticeships, and bogus self-employment loopholes that undermine workers’ rights.
    • Guarantee contracts with a 16-hour minimum working week for every worker who wants one – abolish zero-hour contracts.
    • A four-day week on five days pay – a 35-hour maximum working week without loss of earnings.
    • Ensure full average wages for sick and self-isolating workers. No one should have to choose between their income and their health.
    • A legal ban on “Fire and Rehire” attacks on workers and conditions.
    • A minimum of 12 months parental leave, on full pay, without loss of rights.
    • A minimum of 6 weeks paid annual leave for all workers, plus public holidays (including defence of the May Day public holiday).
    • Full legal employment rights for all workers from day one of employment.
    • Abolish all fees for Employment Tribunal hearings.
  • Repeal the UK’s anti-Trade Union laws, which are the most repressive in Europe.
    • Devolve power over Trade Union-related laws to Holyrood.
    • Reinstate full, free collective bargaining in all sectors and workplaces, including on wages, conditions, training, equalities, and health and safety.
    • Enshrine the constitutional right to strike after a simple majority vote.
    • Abolish outdated rules for postal-only voting, and unjustified requirements to inform employers before workers are balloted.
    • Protect the legal right to freedom of association through joining and organising a Trade Union without fear of victimisation.
    • Protect the legal right to freedom of speech through going on strike – including the right to solidarity strikes. Remove the undemocratic ban on so-called “political strikes”.
    • Boards of management to have a majority made up of elected, accountable representatives of workplace Trade Unions.
    • Replace “Social Partnership” between Trade Unions and the bosses with fighting mass Unions that stand up for workers instead.
    • Guaranteed rights and facilities for Trade Union reps and officials to openly recruit for their Union in workplaces.
    • Guaranteed rights and facilities for elected Union reps to represent members during working hours.
    • Guarantee a Union presence beside every worker in contract negotiations.
    • Ensure that precarious, short-term, and other temporary workers have unimpeded access to a Trade Union without victimisation.
    • Worker and Trade Union control of workplace health and safety through elected Health and Safety stewards.
    • Ban blacklisting, and offer proper justice to the victims of blacklisting.
  • Infrastructure and the Environment
    • Create a publicly owned, publicly funded National Construction Company to build environmentally sustainable social housing and renew Scotland’s infrastructure without relying on rip-off PFI contracts.
    • In renewing the built environment, public housing, and national infrastructure, require construction to use local and sustainable sources for materials, and to ensure that energy efficiency is built into the design of buildings and appliances.
    • Oppose new airport runway expansions.
    • Form elected anti-pollution boards at national and local levels to monitor and enforce emission and pollution controls, with the power to impose penalties on businesses.
  • Housing: A Home is a Human Right
    • Build 100,000 new, environmentally sustainable, council homes for social rent per year until demand is met, and restore an adequate surplus of safe and suitable social housing in all regions.
    • Cap and cut rents to affordable levels through emergency intervention in the housing crisis.
    • Graduated rent discount set at the same level as the support that would have been available for tenants to buy their council homes under “Right to Buy”. After 25 years, tenants would pay zero rent until their tenancy is terminated or transferred to another member of the family
    • Extend the Scottish Secure Tenancy protections to private tenants, and pass stronger legislation that protects tenants of social landlords from eviction. Ensure additional protections for vulnerable and low-income households.
    • Cancel Local Authority housing debt with no strings attached.
    • Local authorities will be given additional powers to prevent the purchase of holiday and other secondary homes in regions where there is a housing shortage, as well as the power to levy additional taxes on secondary properties.
    • Tenants to have the automatic right to remain in their home, and not have it sold out from under them by landlords.
    • Create publicly-funded housing forums for local authorities, housing associations, and tenants, and strengthen support for tenant unions.
    • Compile and maintain a thorough register of property owners in Scotland, and bring private sector homes identified as being “below tolerable standard” into the public sector.
    • Clear, high standards on cleanliness, central heating, double-glazing, insulation, environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, and safe lighting – and real enforcement against rogue landlords.
    • An emergency action programme and funding to bring every home in Scotland up to standard.
    • 56% of homeless applicants for housing cite abuse, relationship breakdowns, or being ejected from their home as the reason for their application. A surplus of safe, suitable, quickly accessible social accommodation is needed in all regions.
  • Energy and Fuel Poverty
    • Create a National Energy Company to bring the full energy supply chain, including renewables, into democratic public ownership.
    • Put workers, communities and scientific experts on the board to grow our sustainable industry and end fuel poverty.
    • Replace every gas boiler in every home with clean energy alternatives, such as more efficient heat pumps, without cost to households.
  • The SSP is a long-time, pioneering advocate for free public transport for everybody: an initiative that will cut traffic, end transport poverty, and deliver more economic activity.
  • Bring public transport into democratic public ownership: including all busses, train services, railway infrastructure, underground rail, ferries, and trams.
  • Ensure that public transport is a service democratically accountable to the communities it serves, with democratic, elected boards of management involving workers, communities, passengers and representatives of local and national government.
  • Expand the availability of late-night services to ensure safer travel for everyone in Scotland.
  • Introduce publicly-owned municipal busses to every region in Scotland, restore regulation to ensure good services, and expand services to meet the needs of every community.
  • Instead of subsidising a new private franchise operator, bring ScotRail back into public management and under public accountability from 2022.
  • Making different branches of public transport cooperative, not competitive. Deliver a connected system that improves access, with a single ticket, multi-service system linking Scotland together, and incentivise more public transport use through free public transport, routes that fit community needs, and accessible services.
  • Fully support transport workers taking action over pay, jobs, and conditions.
  • Create long-term manufacturing jobs in Scotland by renewing and maintaining transport fleets to meet the highest environmental standard possible standard.
  • Abolish the Scottish Green Party’s ineffective, punitive, and anti-working class parking fees.
  • Ring-fence funds raised through parking meters and car parks to support public transport.
  • A mileage tax on Heavy Goods Vehicles to offset existing road maintenance budgets, freeing up tens of millions more for public transport investment.