COP26 and Climate Crisis: Working Class Solutions

The Scottish Socialist Voice will hold an online Voice Forum on working-class solutions to the climate crisis.

On Saturday 9 October, the Scottish Socialist Voice will bring together trade unionists, international speakers, Scottish Socialist Party activists, and youth campaigners to set out how an alternative, working-class response to the climate crisis can be built.


As the climate catastrophe accelerates, heads of government, corporate bosses, and other dignitaries meet in Glasgow at COP26.

But the fact the 100 biggest multinational corporations have spewed out 71% of all greenhouse gas emissions since the 1980s shows we cannot rely on the capitalist polluters to tackle either the climate crisis or the economic crisis facing the mass of the population.


The point-blank question posed is how can a mass movement, with the working class and young climate activists at its heart, be mobilised to achieve a Just Transition to a clean, green economy which vastly improves the living standards, job security, and rights of the working class majority – in Scotland and abroad?

How can all the rhetoric about a Just Transition be transformed into reality – creating hundreds of thousands of skilled, secure, well-paid jobs, tackling pollution in the process?

This Public Forum will debate solutions to pollution like free public transport, public ownership of energy to transition to green energy with a vast expansion of jobs for workers currently in the fossil fuel industry, and construction of eco-homes for rent to combat global warming, fuel poverty and job insecurity.


This Voice Public Forum will be addressed by several key leaders and activists in the organised workers’ movement, a youth climate striker, and a representative of Scotland’s socialist party, the SSP.

Register TODAY on Eventbrite for this important Public Forum for fighters against climate catastrophe, poverty, and capitalist exploitation. You will then receive the ZOOM link.

Hear workers, young people, and socialists on the front line of struggle put forward a vision of how the power of a democratic mass movement, with workers at its heart, is required to bring about the system change to end climate change in a fashion that improves the lives and livelihoods of the working-class majority.