COP26, Students, and a Socialist Green New Deal: 22 Sept

At COP26, we’re making democratic public ownership, green jobs, and an economic plan to end inequality key demands for a Socialist Green New Deal.

We need a vision for Scotland that puts democratic public ownership of major industry, infrastructure, energy, land, agriculture, aquaculture, and finance at the heart of an economy fit for the 21st century.

Join the SSP STUDENTS‘ FREE PUBLIC ZOOM MEETING on Wednesday 22 September 2021 to learn more about the SSP’s radical alternatives – a Socialist Green New Deal.


Our planet is threatened by the profit-driven system of capitalism – with fires, floods, drought, and devastation for millions of the poorest people.

As COP26 gathers in Glasgow we need to examine alternatives that tackle this crisis, but in a fashion that improves the lives and livelihoods of the mass of the population, NOT through cuts to jobs, education, or living standards.

It is NOT ‘humanity’ who created this catastrophe, but a tiny minority of the grotesquely rich. The 100 biggest multinational corporations have spewed out 71% of all greenhouse gas emissions since the 1970s.

We cannot rely on the capitalist polluters to solve this crisis. Nor on these same exploiters to end the poverty and inequality created by capitalism.

The struggle to reduce greenhouse gasses goes hand-in-hand with the struggle to redistribute wealth and tackle rising injustice – we can only solve capitalism’s climate crisis with a world for the working class, not the ruling class.

Capitalism created the climate crisis and obscene poverty and inequality – we need Socialism to save lives, livelihoods, and the planet we live on.

Demand democratic public ownership of major industry, infrastructure, energy, land, agriculture, aquaculture, and finance to combat the threat to people and planet with a Socialist Green New Deal:

  • Free public transport to cut car over-dependency and end transport poverty;
  • Return the energy to public ownership, to better direct the transition to renewable energy and end fuel poverty;
  • Build 100,000 council houses to the highest environmental standard, available for cut and capped public rent;
  • A living student grant – make education accessible to all;
  • A £12 minimum wage for all aged 16 upwards – end age discrimination and employment loopholes;
  • Abolish zero-hours contracts – for a guaranteed minimum 16-hour contract for every worker who wants one;
  • Democratic planning and land reform to incentivise local food production, a reduction in dairy farming, and rewilding of land not suited to agriculture.
  • Redeploy fossil fuel workers to the renewable sectors as part of a ‘just transition’;
  • New green jobs in Scotland – well-paid, secure, with full Trade Union rights.