Here’s how you can help bring working-class politics to COP26

Socialist Change, not Climate Change

The Scottish Socialist Voice has launched a crowdfunder appeal to help bring working-class politics to COP26.

We know that times are hard for working-class people, and that workers have to prioritise where they spend their money. But that’s exactly why it’s so important to bring working-class voices and working-class solutions to the front page of COP26.

Solutions to the climate crisis must improve the lives of working-class people: ending poverty, creating long-term jobs, and building a more sustainable and democratic economy. Dignitaries and corporate sponsors aren’t going to deliver – we need working-class voices instead.

At COP26, the world’s eyes will be on Glasgow. We’re making sure that the world hears the working-class in Scotland.

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Public Ownership, not Private Pollution

Solutions to the climate crisis must improve the lives of working-class people, not make them poorer. Governments are at the beck and call of their corporate donors – companies responsible for the most pollution – so any agreements made in Glasgow next month are likely to pass the costs for reducing emissions onto working-class people and maintain the undemocratic control shareholders have over all our lives.

It is an outrage that in a wealthy and energy-rich country like Scotland so many people are suffering in-work poverty and fuel poverty. Inequality needs to be addressed alongside global warming or environmental issues will remain distant and alien for those suffering the most.

We need to rally around demands that democratise the ownership and control of key industries, expand universal provision of high-quality public services, raise wages, cut household bills and create quality skilled green jobs. Let’s build a working-class movement with students and young people to ‘uproot the system’ with socialist change.

Donate to this crowdfunder to promote a Socialist Green New Deal in working-class communities in Glasgow and on mass demonstrations during the UN Climate Conference.

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A Socialist Green New Deal Means:

  • Free Public Transport – covering all busses, trains, ferries, undergrounds, and trams – in an improved, integrated system of green, publicly-owned transport to give people a better alternative to cars and congestion.
  • Major state intervention to create new green jobs in Scotland – well-paid, secure, and with full Trade Union rights – through restoring local manufacturing and modernising infrastructure. Deliver the design and production of necessary equipment and technology in Scotland to meet the urgent challenge of the climate emergency. 
  • Transitioning existing fossil fuel and arms manufacturing workers to skilled jobs in sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy, without loss of income
  • Creating a not-for-profit National Energy Company to bring the full energy supply chain, including renewables, into democratic public ownership. Put workers, communities and scientific experts on the board to grow our sustainable industry and end fuel poverty.
  • Replacing every gas boiler in every home with clean energy alternatives, such as more efficient heat pumps, without cost to households
  • Building 100,000 new council houses per year, to the highest environmental standard available, for public rent. 
  • Breaking up private, often anonymous, landlord monopolies and return land to democratic, community control. Prioritise quality job creation, sustainable agriculture, and protection of biodiversity. 
  • Increasing biodiversity and carbon sequestration by ecologically restoring or protecting 35% of the land – with public funding for public jobs in land management to meet this target. 
  • Bringing landed estates and corporate farms into public ownership, to produce for local and national needs, not private export. Make nationally-grown fruit and vegetables free for those who need it, ending food bank dependence and food poverty, and building a healthier Scotland. 
  • Creating a public National Construction Company to build environmentally sustainable council housing and renew Scotland’s infrastructure without relying on rip-off PFI contracts. 
  • Keeping Scotland’s skill base well equipped, incorporate environmental and ecological learning, in both STEM and Humanities, into the curriculum of Primary, Secondary, Further, and Higher education.

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Your donation delivers:

  • Paper copies of a special edition of the Scottish Socialist Voice to be sold during COP26.
  • A new pamphlet on working-class solutions to the climate emergency.
  • Placards to be handed out for free to protesters at the mass demonstration on 6th November.
  • Stickers, posters, and t-shirts to make the case for a Socialist Green New Deal unmissable in Glasgow next month.
  • Opinion polling to highlight the public’s demand for real, systemic change, and not capitalist greenwashing.

May be subject to change. All proceeds go to building the Scottish Socialist Voice and Scottish Socialist Party.

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£20 Reward:
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