SSP Welcomes Football Act Repeal

The Scottish Socialist Party both welcomes and commends todays vote in Parliament to repeal the Offensive Behaviour at Football & Threatening Communications Act (2012). Commenting, party executive committee member and long standing Fans Against Criminalisation supporter Liam McLaughlan said:

Photo: Craig Maclean

“Today was the culmination of a 7-year, working class fan led movement which showed us all the power of sustained and committed community organising in affecting statute change.

“In the face of outright hostility in parts and ridicule in others, campaigners have continued to shine a light on this unworkable, illiberal legislation too the point where not even the SNP could muster an attempt to defend its effectiveness or use. Perhaps now we can have the sensible and reasoned debate on how to tackle the root causes of sectarianism and anti-Irish racism that still sadly scars Scotland, that we should have had in 2011.

“A debate which we believe will arrive at community and classroom based initiatives, not poorly drafted illiberal legislation which cast ordinary football fans as criminals.”

2 thoughts on “SSP Welcomes Football Act Repeal

  1. Aye forget about everyone else outside the Old Firm (votes) who have to suffer this shit!

    1. Anyone with ears can tell you that over six years, the situation has not improved. Secondly, more fans outside the old firm were charged under the broken act than old firm fans – check the arrest stats.

      Criminalising “offensiveness” is obviously no kind of solution – and the SNP pretending it is, helps no-one. It makes criminals out of many harmless people – and that’s why it’s hated, and won a majority for repeal.

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