SSP Submission to The Smith Commission

File Format Doc-507x507 Read the submission they tried to exclude. The Scottish Socialist Party was the only one of the six parties formally involved in the Independence Referendum NOT invited to join the bilateral talks convened by Lord Smith of Kelvin on the further powers that should now be devolved to Holyrood.

Notwithstanding our formal exclusion the Scottish Socialist Party has today sent in our own submission outlining the powers we believe should be transferred to the Scottish Parliament.

3 thoughts on “SSP Submission to The Smith Commission

  1. A compelling submission – though I would wish to raise another couple of issues. Firstly, that of the obscenity of Trident – I don’t want to see a penny of my taxes spent on WMD and if that breaks a ‘special relationship’ with the USA, then that’s all to the good imo. The military machine seems to fail to understand that the world has moved on – cyberwarfare makes Trident obsolete. Secondly, oil and mineral extraction must be regulated by a Scottish government. If the exploitation of Scotland’s natural and abundant resources is to be managed on behalf of the nation, then we must have control over these matters.

  2. I fully agree with c Charlotte Ates but would further add that more emphasis should be given to the use of renewable energy

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