Solidarity with women at Clapham Common

Scottish Socialist Party National Co-Spokesperson Róisín McLaren has issued the following statement after events at Clapham Common:

“The Scottish Socialist Party is outraged by the display of police brutality against the vigil for Sarah Everard on Clapham Common.

“The unnecessary use of force, against a vigil highlighting the everyday violence against women and girls, only illustrates the urgency of the protester’s message.

“Sarah Everard’s murder has ignited a conversation about how our culture perpetuates violence against women: the actions of the Metropolitan Police on Clapham Common being yet another example. This, from a police force with a history of disproportionate use of force against groups, will undoubtedly raise questions about the role of the police in a democratic society.

“The Scottish Socialist Party sends our solidarity to the protesters and all those who stand up for women’s rights.

Róisín McLaren
National Co-Spokesperson”