Scottish Socialist Voice – issue 415

Download Scottish Socialist Voice Issue 415It’s Scrap Trident’s weekend of action. We need a massive redistribution of wealth, not weapons of mass destruction.

The UK’s WMDs – based in Faslane on the river Clyde – are not only inhumane, but also a complete waste of money and resources when there is so much needless poverty in Scotland. We hope to see you at Scrap Trident’s national demonstration in Glasgow on Saturday 13 April and at the blockade of Faslane Naval Base first thing on Monday 15 April. As the STUC meets in Perth, we look at the issue of independence and why Scottish trade unionists should back a Yes vote instead of choosing to remain under the rule of a Westminster parliament that will only impose even more cuts – under the Tories or Labour alike – further impoverishing those who need help the most.

And Margaret Thatcher died on 8 April. It will come as no surprise to Voice readers to learn that your paper will not be joining the queue of those signing the condolences book and heaping praise on the extremist former PM.