Scottish Socialist Party to Affiliate with New Left Alliance

Today at the SSP National Council, members voted in favour of the party becoming an affiliate of a new electoral alliance for the Scottish elections next year.

Party Co-spokesperson, Sandra Webster highlighted the potential for socialism to grow in this alliance.

“At our NC today the comrades present voted to enter an alliance with the soon to be renamed Scottish Left Project. All of our comrades should be proud of their passionate discussion and resolution. The SSP look forward to being at the heart of the alliance hoping socialists may be elected to Holyrood in 2016. I look forward to continuing to build the SSP and building a movement that is truly grassroots.”

Party co-chair, Andrew Kinnell acknowledges and welcomes the vote:

“While we remain committed to building the SSP, we recognise that in order to maximise the chances of getting socialist representation in Holyrood we need to play a key role with others on the left, including the sizeable number of people who remain non-aligned. The Scottish Left Project is an exciting development and I’m glad the party has voted overwhelmingly to play a part in it.”

Glasgow South Branch Secretary and Executive Committee Member Katie Bonnar highlighted the potential for socialism to grow in this alliance.

“This is absolutely the way forward for the party, to play an integral and central role within this new electoral alliance. It will build the profile of Scotland’s socialist party and rally the country’s radical left.”

Dundee Branch member and Executive Committee Member Allan Grogan, who had been an initial critic of the project spoke of the democratic decision making process and the importance of the SSP’s role within the project.

“The level of debate and discussion on this matter highlights the strength we have as a party to debate issues in a civil and democratic process. It is imperative now for the project to succeed that we give the huge amount of experience and ability that we have within the party and ensure that the SSP play a major role in making this alliance a success.”

Photo: Craig Maclean

SSP National Secretary Bill Bonnar said : “As Scotland’s biggest socialist force the participation of the SSP in this project will strengthen the vital task of creating a pro independence alliance to the left of the SNP.

“The challenges posed by the brutal austerity imposed by the Tories requires both a socialist response to defend those under attack and a renewed drive to put the case for independence as the best way forward for winning progressive change which breaks with Westminster’s austerity and war.”

The Scottish Socialist Party will now play a pivotal role in the launch event on August 29th at the Glasgow Marriott Hotel. For tickets and more information visit the event site.

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  1. Congratulations to the SSP for its decision to be involved in the SLP..
    Scotland will well benefit in the 2016 élections and onwards if we can build and achieve the electoral unity of student groups, community groups, trade union groups and political parties of the left.

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