Scottish activists detained in Catalonia

Two Scottish activists were detained in Reus Airport on Saturday morning on their way to Catalonia as part of an international delegation defending the right to vote in the Catalan referendum.

Tam Wilson, a Scottish Socialist Party member and candidate in the May council elections, and SNP Socialists activist Marty Smith were detained in Reus Airport by Guardia Civil officers and searched, before being questioned about their support for Catalan and Palestinian self-determination.

Tam Wilson said: “As soon as they saw my Catalan badge at passport control, you could tell we were going to be singled out. Officers approached us aggressively and demanded they look through our bags and read our notebooks, questioning anything political and why we were here, including why I had a pro-Palestine sticker on my phone.”

The Autonomous University of Barcelona (photo: Tam Wilson)

Marty Smith said: “The Guardia Civil who detained us demanded we speak to them in Catalan and demanded to know why we couldn’t speak Catalan but wore the flag of the republic.”

Tam, Marty and SSP national secretary Connor Beaton are among an international delegation being hosted in Catalonia during the referendum by the anti-capitalist pro-independence CUP party.

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  1. has franco resurfaced this appears to be a dictatorial country. the pics of Barcelona and Gerona where police and guards stopping voters was despicable. its their right even if they want to leave spain or not hope you guys are ok

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