The world is on fire!

Millions of the poorest people suffer most from the rising climate crisis, caused not by ‘humanity’ but by the economic system – capitalism – which for centuries has exploited workers’ labour and plundered the planet’s resources in the insatiable greed for profit for a tiny, powerful minority.

This thoroughly researched, very readable 76-page book powerfully argues against any trust in the capitalist system which created the escalating economic and ecological crisis being able to solve it.

It exposes the cover-ups, empty rhetoric and bogus ‘solutions’ on offer from big business and governments that uphold their exploitative rule – in Scotland, the UK and beyond.

It describes and provides powerful arguments for a Socialist Green New Deal; a green re-industrialisation, based on democratic public ownership, with a genuinely Just Transition for workers affected, led by workers, in a manner that would transform the lives of millions.

It carries plentiful examples of the power of mass struggles to win change, both histricially and currently, in Scotland and internationally.

It’s an invaluable socialist contribution to the debates amongst climate activists, trade unionists and young people on how to combat poverty and pollution – the monster twins spawned by capitalism.

It shows how a democratic mass movement – spearheaded by the organised working class, uniting climate activists, trade unionists and socialists – can achieve socialist change to combat climate change.

£4.99 in-person sales; £5.99 by post

The authors:

Richie Venton is a lifelong trade unionist and socialist, widely respected for giving leadership and organising solidarity with communities and workers in struggle. He was elected by Scottish members to his Usdaw union’s NEC (2018-21) and is the SSP’s national workplace organiser.

Ken Ferguson is a convinced eco-socialist and editor of the Scottish Socialist Voice, the fortnightly paper produced by the SSP. He has worked as an industrial reporter in Fleet Street. He was a media officer in local government in England and Scotland, and for the SSP MSPs.


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