Faslane Peace Camp – THE PHOENIX  RISES

by Sandra Webster

The future of Faslane Peace Camp seems less uncertain after a weekend of activity at the campsite. Activists have set themselves a deadline of the end of May to find eight people to commit to live there over the coming year. Peace activists also want to broaden the campaign message and take the case for scrapping Trident in an Independent Scotland to the heart of the argument in the Holyrood and Westminster parliaments.

This weekend attracted sixty people, including past and present Peace Campers who shared with us the history of the camp and the actions that have taken place there. Saturday was also a day to show what practical living at the camp entails. Living a life off grid with no electricity or running water can be a stiff challenge especially combined with an approach which means the majority of the campers work as well as participating in regular demonstrations. The camp is now the oldest occupation in the world having been there for thirty one years now.

One of the people attending the weekend was SSP member Lindsay Webster. She has been visiting the camp on and off since her first visit with the Campsie Branch last year. She attended the weekend to consider joining the camp. She told us ‘I think I have made up my mind. It is so important with the lead up to the referendum that the Peace Camp continues. I hope to come and stay after my college course finishes at the end of June. With the camp’s future looking more secure, it is important that we offer practical support.’

Part of the intention of the weekend was to organise a support group which will allow the campers time away from the camp and share the physical work as well as the fund raising. New campers will need a lot of people behind their efforts.

The ‘Acting Strange’ Theatre Company and the Campsie SSP Branch have invited other people to come along to the camp with them on the 28th of June when they will be sharing music and drama and demonstrating. Rosie Kane and her brother will be sharing songs from Rosie’s show. Also on the bill will be Marie Collins a young talented singer songwriter from Paisley.