Executive Committee Press Release: Venezuela

The Scottish Socialist Party condemns the attempts by the British, American and other western governments to intervene in the current political crisis in Venezuela.This is part of a wider conspiracy to overthrow the democratically elected Socialist Government and replace it with a dependent pro-western government.

That Venezuela is experiencing a profound economic and political crisis is beyond doubt. However, the Scottish Socialist Party condemns the role of, in particular, the United States in fuelling this crisis. They have subjected the country to a damaging economic embargo, have encouraged opposition forces in a campaign of economic sabotage and actively promoted social destabilisation. This has included organised acts of violence by opposition forces. Britain and the United States claim that they are promoting democracy but given their track record as regards Venezuela this is the height of hypocrisy. In the past these governments were enthusiastic supporters of violent pro-western military dictatorships and more recently; even when the Socialist Party was recording landslide electoral victories, they were calling for its violent overthrow.

The present government of Venezuela is the legitimate government of that country elected in successive elections. The so called ‘democratic opposition’ contain many elements which are violently anti-democratic and glorify in the past fascist dictatorship. Their aim and that of their American backers is to restore such a regime.

The Scottish Socialist Party stands full square behind the Socialist Government in Venezuela, condemns the counter revolution which is now taking place and the central role being played in this counter-revolution by the United States.