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The Scottish Socialist Party is pleased to bring you our pamphlet “For A Modern Democratic Republic” as a free download.

We welcome all to download, share and discuss the arguments against continuing rule by an unelected monarch, and for establishing our own modern democratic republic.

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For A Modern Democratic Republic – by Colin Fox

“Our case for extending reason and democracy today belongs in that Scottish Enlightenment tradition. Feudal institutions based on hereditary privileges and divine rights passed down to monarchs from ‘The Almighty’ have no part to play in modern political structures and democratic constitutions let alone at their apex. The British monarchy is clearly not modern, it is patently not democratic and it is certainly not egalitarian. Yet such values are uppermost in working class people’s ambitions today for the type of world we wish to see.

Those who argue in favour of keeping the monarchy on the grounds that she brings in millions of tourists might wish to reflect on the fact the Queen’s home at Windsor Castle was only the 24th most popular tourist attraction in the UK last year. As the campaign group Republic points out, York Railway museum drew more crowds than any Royal attraction last year. So perhaps we should make Thomas the Tank Engine our Head of State?”

Published by the Scottish Socialist Party
ISBN: 978-0-9571986-9-2

3 thoughts on “Ebook: For A Modern Democratic Republic

  1. I agree with a lot of what you say but as you probably think too is that Westminster won`t Let us go they will continue to Dominate us and we are fed up with there Lies,Cheating and Threatening Behavior especially against the Elderly? What would you do or what are you doing about the Scottish Maritime Border that Tony Blair stole from Scotland ? If you answer me could you E Mail me your reply

  2. I totally agree, the Monarchy is completely out dated and as far as Scotland is concerned another Tax burden on the poor

    Independence is the only weapon to rid thess part of these islands of this scurge

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