Corbyn election won’t resolve Scottish Labour crisis

The “astonishing” election of Jeremy Corbyn as UK Labour leader won’t resolve the existential crisis gripping the right wing Scottish Labour Party said SSP national spokesman Colin Fox today.

fox_850x450Reacting to the news that Jeremy Corbyn had won Labour’s leadership election Colin Fox said:

“This astonishing result has confounded the Labour establishment and represents humiliation for his New Labour opponents and political has-beens like Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell and John McTernan. I warmly congratulate Jeremy on his victory.”

“At a UK level I believe that the result is a symptom of a deep seated existential crisis in Labour rather than a solution for it. “

“I fear however that the deeply entrenched right wing Labour machine will sabotage Corbyn’s leadership with the willing assistance of the Tory press and the army of careerist MPs on the Labour benches at Westminster. Ominously only 15 of Labour’s 270 MPs support him .”

“Here in Scotland Corbyn’s opposition to both independence and further powers for Holyrood will put him at odds with the overwhelming majority of left wing voters who are pro-independence.”

“Given that the only remaining Scottish Labour MP and their newly elected Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale both supported Yvette Cooper along with most Scottish Constituency Labour Parties it is clear that Corbyn’s radical politics aren’t going to be welcomed by his comrades North of the Border.”


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One thought on “Corbyn election won’t resolve Scottish Labour crisis

  1. I think the SSP and all on the left in Scotland should offer the hand of comradeship to Jeremy Corbyn even though he is opposed to independence. This is not to inconvenience the right wing leadership of the Labour Party in Scotland ( that would be an intersting by-product), but to encourage the left within that party and to seek common cause on many issues. One of the reasons for the existence of the SSP and RISE must be drive the ideological consensus of Scotland to the left and with that to win the arguments for socialism. Who knows in so doing we may even convince Mr. Corbyn of the necessity of Scottish independence acting as a left progressive template for England, or at least parts of it, to emulate.

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