Corbyn echoes Tory rhetoric on Independence

Scottish Socialist Party National spokesman Colin Fox described Jeremy Corbyn’s anti independence manifesto as “Deeply disappointing and underlining why Labour is in such deep crisis in Scotland.”

“Pro independence socialists have a great deal of sympathy with the many progressive and forward thinking policies Jeremy Corbyn advocates in the Labour manifesto.”

“However his failure to understand the National Question in Scotland is glaringly obvious. He is left sounding exactly like Ruth Davidson and Theresa May. Nor does he appreciate that the same political forces supporting him in England are largely in the ‘Yes’ camp here.

Labour’s role in Better Together (Photo: Craig Maclean)

He is therefore completely out of touch with public opinion in working class communities here. He appears not to have grasped the immense damage the Better Together ‘love in’ with Tories did to Labour in Scotland during the 2014 Referendum. To ape their language and arguments in his manifesto does his cause no good here.”

“The SSP yields to no-one in our opposition to the Tories and their ‘class war’. Unlike Jeremy Corbyn however we realise independence is now the only viable route left open to those Scots who want to prevent a Tory Government we did not vote for, and has no mandate here, from imposing its savage right-wing policies on Scotland for the next 5 years.”

“As far as we are concerned this is the independence election. Independence means we can prevent Tory Government’s imposing policies on us which were rejected by the majority of Scots voters.”

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