Workers Memorial Day

by Sandra Webster

“You go to your work expecting to come home” – Robert Parker

I’m back home from a very moving and powerful workers Memorial Day service in Paisley organized by the trade council.

Lynne Henderson, Scottish secretary of the PCS union, highlighted that a worker in the world dies every 15 seconds. Although it was not party political she reminded us that the Health and Safety Executive have endured massive 50% cuts under Cameron’s regime.

Nigel Farage may say “health and safety’s gone mad”, but the truth is laws are there to protect workers and were hard-fought. Nothing is ever given for free.

The time I took to write this another 20 people have died. More orphans and grieving families. It makes you think what International Solidarity is all about and a glimpse into why I am proud to be a woman, socialist and absolutely working class.

I choose to rise with my class and always will.


Sandra Webster is the Scottish Socialist Party’s national co-spokesperson and the party’s candidate for Paisley and Renfrewshire South.