Westminster Shame: nuclear weapons retained!

Our joint national spokespeople reflect on a day of shame at Westminster.

katie_bonnar_thumbnailOn hearing the result, Katie Bonnar said: “The decision to renew Trident is another example of where the will of the Scottish people has been cynically ignored.

“All but one Scottish MP and almost the entire Scottish Parliament voted against renewal. Despite this, it is proposed that nuclear weapons will be inflicted on Scotland for the next 40 years.

13692958_1417112641639396_3436230528592870746_o“The renewal of nuclear weapons has got nothing to do with defence. Instead it is about Britain maintaining its imperial power status and a seat in the UN Security Council.

“There are no set of circumstances where these weapons will ever be used, yet their continued existence sets the world down a road of nuclear arms race.

“The expense which has risen to ~£200 billion cannot be justified in any circumstances; the case of job creation in Scotland has been grossly exaggerated.

“In the renewed drive for independence, the independence movement must make the scrapping of Trident a key demand. An independent Scotland can and will be a nuclear free Scotland.”

colin_foxColin Fox continued: “Tonight’s decision at Westminster to commit to a second generation of nuclear weapons came as no surprise; most Labour MPs voted with the Tories. The decision by 472 to 117 brings shame on Britain – it threatens the rest of the world with nuclear annihilation.

13775753_1104304019616351_6936154959036519679_n“Only 9 countries have nuclear weapons; the USA, Russia, China, France, UK, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea. This is one club Britain should be ashamed to be a member of.

“Despite their enormous cost and sophistication these missiles are incapable of distinguishing between ‘enemy combatants’ and innocent civilians. This is a fact every Prime Minister including Theresa May has always known. Repeated Labour and Tory Governments have argued they deter Britain’s enemies. They did not stop the invasion of the Falklands in the 1980’s, nor the Al Qaeda attacks on London on 7/7.

“The cost – an estimated £205bn (CND) – would be better spent on improving health, education and social care outcomes for millions.

13719633_1417112768306050_5749653862673149357_o“Some trade unions – like Unite – argue that since their members jobs depend on Trident the expenditure must be maintained. The SSP rejects this argument. This is not an industry Britain should be involved in. Two hundred years ago there were doubtless similar voices who said slavery could not be abolished because jobs were at stake in that heinous enterprise. We have promised all those employed at Faslane and Rosyth they will be re-trained and employed without loss of pay or skillset status in more progressive enterprises.

“The campaign against Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons continues despite tonight’s vote. And the Scottish Socialist Party remains steadfast, as we always have been, in our opposition to them.”