Statement on the crisis in Palestine/Israel

The Scottish Socialist Party stands in solidarity with the people of Gaza, supporting a mass struggle to end the Israeli occupation and gain a Palestinian homeland, and equal rights for all in the region, including the right of return.

The SSP unequivocally condemns the recent terrorist attack by Hamas against Israeli civilians. The attack was not only morally repugnant but has proved a major setback for the Palestinian cause.

The main effects of the attack has been to alienate and isolate those significant numbers of Israeli citizens who are sympathetic to the idea of a peaceful, negotiated settlement between Palestine and Israel. Including by cutting across the recent mass movement of Israelis against the Zionist government, driving them at least temporarily into the arms of their own worst enemies- the Israeli state.

It has emboldened the Far Right parties, already highly influential in government, propelling them to the heart of the government’s response to the attacks. It has mobilised western support against Palestine and given an excuse for a massive assault on the people of Gaza. 

We demand the immediate cessation of the Israeli government’s state terrorism against the people of Gaza, for withdrawal of all Israeli forces, and withdrawal of all Western imperialist forces sent to aid the Israeli state against the Palestinian people.

We demand that all humanitarian aid is allowed into Gaza and for water and power supplies to return to full capacity.

The Israeli Government claim that their actions in Gaza are directed at Hamas and not ordinary Palestinians is a monstrous lie. Their approach now as in the past is one of collective punishment.

By cutting off power, water and food supplies they are inflicting the maximum hardship against the people of Gaza. 

They are attacking the very infrastructure that makes Gaza a functioning entity. Power, water and sewage plants, schools and hospitals and main roads. Their aim is to destroy Gaza. 

The Scottish Socialist Party stands in solidarity with the people of Gaza. We condemn the current murderous campaign by the Israeli Government and call on all the peoples and governments of the world to likewise condemn the slaughter. 

We have always and continue to call for the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state. Without this there can never be peace or justice for the Palestinian people. 

We have always and continue to challenge the western media narrative that somehow paints the Palestinians as the aggressor in this conflict. It is and always has been the Palestinians who have been the victims of Israeli aggression. 

We have always and continue to condemn western governments’ support for Israel and their failure to apply any pressure on Israel to seek a negotiated peace settlement. 

Only such a negotiated settlement which recognises the sovereign right of the Palestinian people to establish their own state can secure lasting peace and security for all the people of the region.

The SSP will continue to help mobilise mass movements in Scotland to demand an end to the war on Gaza and for immediate withdrawal of British armed forces from the region.