The Scottish Socialist Party has backed plans for a new left wing electoral alliance aimed at winning seats in next year’s Holyrood elections.

The decision was taken at this weekend’s SSP national conference on the recommendation of the party’s executive.

National co spokesperson and former Lothians MSP Colin Fox welcomed the decision and said:
“With the return of another Tory government determined to intensify its assault on jobs, services and trade union rights and the collapse of Labour as a working class party the need for socialist representation is now more urgent than ever.’

“The SSP is keen to work with other socialists and progressives, many of whom have become active as a result of the Yes campaign to secure independence and fundamental social change. Our conference voted to begin negotiations with other socialists about presenting an electoral alliance for 2016.”

“That socialist change will not in our view be delivered by the SNP. It needs to find an organised form both in day to day action in defence of jobs and services, opposing cuts and closures which is the core of the SSP’s work and at an electoral level.”

Picture courtesy of Craig Maclean.


  1. Respect your philosophy but support the SNP and would like to give them a chance to prove themselves. If they are not the party of the people I would most certainly explore the SSP purposes

    1. SNP have already shown that they aren’t the party of the people- they support corporations through lowering taxes etc. We need an opposition to an SNP gov. that is to the left of them, not Labour/Lib Dem/Tory opposition to the right to shift the focus of Scottish Politics before and after independence.

  2. Agreed. While it was refreshing to see the Scottish electorate reject New Labour, it is clear that the SNP will not deliver any meaningful or lasting Socialism. An alliance is necessary to tackle the myths and misconceptions generated by the media.
    While we need time to build support, we also must consider actions to counteract the impact of the Conservative Government Policies.
    Local initiatives are the way forward and if I can help, I will.

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