Scotland Needs Socialism

A vanishingly small number of rich and powerful profit from overworking, swindling and underpaying the working class majority. They boil the oceans, break unions and spend millions lobbying lawmakers to continue this.

Socialism is the solution. It is about building a new, vastly improved society. One which is borne on collective principles, promises and democratic solutions.

  • A decent living wage. We campaign for an instant raise to the minimum wage£10 an hour, rising with inflation.
  • An end to zero-hour contracts. People can’t plan their lives around insecure work. You should get 16 hours a week minimum, from any contract.
  • Good health. We would sweep away profit motives which keep people sick and drug companies rich. Certainly, if we don’t have our health, we have nothing at all.
  • Strong working conditions and workplace democracy. As a result, we can collectively solve work problems and innovate on better production methods and safety.
  • A shorter working week with no loss of earnings. Due to advances in robotics and technology, the world needs fewer people to produce abundance.
  • A publicly owned energy system – to bring down sky-high bills, and to build the cheaper, cleaner, renewable grid of the future. Oil barons, your stranglehold is almost up.
  • World-class free public transport..
  • Excellent education – for regular, life-long learning.
  • Supporting the fight for equal pay [Photo: Craig Maclean]
    Fulfilling work for decent pay – not life sentences of insecure work and poverty wages.
  • Strong publicly owned services – run by us, for us, not for private profits which cut jobs, slash working conditions and lower pay.
  • Well-kept social spaces open to everyone. Art and culture would thrive in a socialist Scotland.
  • A sense of purpose and social solidarity. At present, capitalism has smashed and eroded most social roles in our caste, and we can bring this to an end.

Winning a socialist society

Scottish Socialist Voice forum on the socialist case for independence. [Photo: Craig Maclean]
In contrast, a society ready to do this would repeal harsh means like Thatcher’s anti-trade union laws. Additionally, it would seize your fair share back from the grotesquely wealthy to a common treasury. We would use this to start a massive reorganisation of economic life and an expansion of education. Life-long learning, open to all, to build our own best selves ready to win the future.

Socialism is an economic system which is based on everyone being treated like a human being. On the other hand under capitalism, no workers are valued, there is only immediate value in your exploitation, to make the boss class wealthy.

From the present, we can imagine a socialist society and furthermore we can build a full worker-led democracy. Together, we can build the material supply and political power to fashion the world of our dreams and make it a reality.

Photo: Craig Maclean

In reality, there is plenty of money to do this. But under capitalism, the richest hoard their wealth, and will not share. They are protected, and as a result, the poorest get punished.

Finally, the super rich are powerful, and will resist working class people moving to a socialist society. The Scottish Socialist Party are under no illusions as to the challenge. But we must push forward – or millions will be condemned to lifetimes of misery. We must educate, agitate and organise working class people to seize the future from the bosses.

To struggle, to fight and to win a better world.