Public Meeting: Hear the socialist alternative for Rutherglen and Hamilton West

The Scottish Socialist Party is holding a public meeting on Tuesday 3 October 2023 ahead of Thursday’s by-election, where voters in Rutherglen and Hamilton West can hear about the socialist alternative to Labour and the SNP.

SSP candidate Bill Bonnar will be joined by Kerry McCrone of the Fire Brigades Union, Maree Shepherd of Further Education UNISON, David McKee of Strathclyde UCU, a school staff striker, and SSP Trade Union Organiser Richie Venton.

All are welcome to the public meeting at St Columbkille’s Primary School, Clincarthill Road, Rutherglen at 7pm on Tuesday 3 October 2023.

Thousands of workers in schools, FE colleges, universities and the Fire Service are striking back against savage cuts to pay, jobs, frontline public services, public safety.

The Scottish Socialist Party takes sides with working-class people against employers and governments hell-bent on making ordinary people suffer the consequences of outrageous profiteering by the rich and big business.

Five billionaires in Scotland own wealth of £18.5bn – but 1.3 million Scots literally can’t afford to live! Shell and BP plunder and pollute for profit, whilst millions can’t afford heating bills.
Fat cat bosses of 100 big companies increased their incomes by £500,000 each. First Bus profits doubled to £190m, with their chief executive on £550,000. Privatised railway bosses are wrecking train services, trying to break workers’ unions, making billions in profit.

The Scottish Government is allowing grotesquely overpaid college and university bosses to slash jobs, cut pay, wreck education. The same government is slashing council and fire service budgets, cutting jobs, endangering lives.


That’s why collective struggle is so important, to win a greater share of national wealth for the working class who create goods and services. Why the SSP uniquely demands repeal of all anti-union laws.

Unity and solidarity are our best weapons to cut profits, not pay. To win government funding for decent education; cut the NHS waiting lists; protect fire services from life-threatening cuts in Hamilton Station and others.

Come to this public meeting – hear workers fighting back in defence of jobs, wages, services, public safety – build solidarity with them.

Hear a socialist alternative that puts people before profit – with a massive transfer of wealth from the rich to the rest of us – to combat poverty and inequality in the fifth-richest economy on Earth!
Meet SSP by-election candidate Bill Bonnar. Hear the case for a socialist MP who will live on the average worker’s wage – stand up for workers, trade unionists, young people, local communities – fighting for a socialist Scotland, organised for the millions, not the millionaires.