Only United Action can defeat Tory ‘Class War’ Budget

colin_foxCommenting on the latest round of Tory austerity SSP national spokesperson Colin Fox said:

“This budget underlines the SSP’s warning that this is government of and for the rich determined to slash benefits and services for the many to protect the privileges of the rich minority.”

“According to Osborne a high wage is £7.20 per hour when the Government itself admits you need to be making £10 an hour now to pay your own way and stop qualifying for top-up benefits.”

“Alongside this wages con comes slashed benefits and even more tax cuts and perks for the rich.”

“It makes a mockery of David Cameron’s claims that the Tories are ‘a party for working people.’”

“The reality is that the Tories are a party of and for millionaires. Despite returning an overwhelming body of SNP MPs, Scotland cannot be defended in a House of Commons in which the Tories are in control.”

“Scottish voters have also recognised at the polls that a Labour Party which boasts about its tough line on benefits and supports austerity is not going to be much help in opposing the Tory assault.”

“For all concerned – including the avowedly anti austerity Scottish government – the choice is now clearly between flight and fight.”

“The 20th June STUC anti austerity event and the heroic resistance of the Greek people show that only determined united resistance by MPs and MSPs backed by action in communities, workplaces and campuses across Scotland can defend the vulnerable under pitiless attack from the Tories.”

“The Scottish government must make it clear that they will not do Cameron’s dirty work for him and will refuse to join the Tory attacks by making cuts.”

“And the 56 SNP MPs need to recognise that they are in a minority in Westminster and take action in their constituencies alongside unions, community activists and others to build resistance to the Tory cuts.”