Letter to Public and Commercial Services Union from the SSP Executive

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Scottish Socialist Party I am writing to offer our full support for the strike action being taken by PCS members across the country on June 30th.

Standing alongside other public sector workers in action on the day this will send a powerful message that working people are not willing to pay the price for economic problems that are not of their making.

The action being pursued by PCS members in defence of their pensions is important not only for their terms and conditions but has a much wider implication for the rights of working people everywhere to secure a pension for their retirement.

The party condemns the Government’s attempts to impose pension arrangements that will mean people will not only work longer but will pay more and receive less. PCS members, far from receiving a ‘gold plated’ pension as the proponents of cuts would have us believe, enjoy a modest remuneration from pensions that represent their deferred wages often over a long period of time.

In these circumstances the action on 30th June is an entirely valid and appropriate response.

May I offer our whole hearted support to your action and to your continued campaign to defend the jobs, terms and conditions of your members who deliver public services upon which we all rely.

Kevin McVey
SSP National Secretary