Labour owe workers an explanation – so we invited their candidate to a debate.

The Scottish Socialist Party have written to the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election Labour candidate, challenging him to attend the SSP’s public screening of the shocking documentary film ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn! The Big Lie’, on Saturday 30th September, at 7pm in the Reuther Hall, by Rutherglen station.

SSP Campaign Manager Richie Venton said:

“The Big Lie is a devastating documentary exposure of how Labour’s right-wing machine – including Sir Keir Starmer – fought relentlessly in the 2017 and 2019 elections to help Theresa May and Boris Johnson’s Tories win, to prevent the election of a Corbyn-led government committed to govern ‘for the many, not the few’.

“The SSP is proud to screen the film that’s been banned by many authorities. We invite local people to book their tickets and attend a night of film and music, but especially to see how Starmer’s Labour machine deliberately wrecked the chance of removing the Tories and improving people’s lives.

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“The film proves Jeremy Corbyn was a political prisoner in his own party. The Labour machine was mobilised to smear and sabotage Corbyn’s election, by people terrified his victory would unleash demands for a radical redistribution of wealth from millions of working-class people, inspired by the hope of socialist change.

“I’ve written to Labour’s by-election candidate challenging him to attend our public film night to explain his role in keeping the Tories in power in 2019. He wrote a blog in May 2019 openly declaring he had not voted Labour, denouncing the party as ‘unelectable’, and days later ripped up his Labour Party membership. He has since deleted that blog!

“If he attends the film night, he will be given full opportunity to publicly explain his refusal to vote Labour 4 years ago, and why anyone should now vote for the party that helped keep Boris Johnson in power.”

SSP by-election candidate Bill Bonnar added:

“Voters deserve to know why the Labour candidate expects them to vote Labour in this by-election when he himself refused to vote Labour in 2019 and played his part in keeping the Tories an office for another five years, with the horrendous consequences for pay public services jobs and our democratic rights. People I know in the local Labour party tell me he actually voted Lib Dem in 2019!

“I challenge him to attend the SSP’s public screening of The Big Lie on Saturday 30th, where he will be treated with courtesy and where I will gladly debate with him on why this film proves beyond doubt Starmer’s Labour are the New Tories; the Second Eleven of the rich and big business.

“Labour’s by-election campaign has been based on another big lie. For all their talk of people deserving ‘a fresh start’, every policy U-turn proves Labour are the Continuity Tories; that nothing fundamental will change for the better under a Labour government led by those who sabotaged the hope of a Corbyn-led government which many workers thought could change their lives for the better.

“The Scottish Socialist Party is the only option left for traditional Labour voters who genuinely want socialist change.”

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For more information, or to interview Bill Bonnar, contact SSP Campaign Manager Richie Venton on 07828278093 or