Crowdfunding appeal

The Scottish Socialist Party is currently running its biggest campaign ever.

We’ve been active across Scotland – from Ayr to Aberdeen and beyond – with street stalls, public activity, meetings, and door-to-door canvassing. Whether as part of Yes Scotland, RIC, or working independently, we have received a positive response to our campaign work and canvassing and have received requests from all over Scotland for SSP campaign material.

The SSP, unlike the Tory and Labour unionist campaigns, has no friends in big business to bankroll our campaign. Every penny we receive to help promote our socialist vision of Scotland is much appreciated.

Help the Scottish Socialist Party make the case for an independent socialist Scotland, bringing a clear left-wing voice to the debate on Scotland’s future.

We want to expand our ongoing campaign. With £5,000, we can:

  • Equip teams of volunteers with hundreds of thousands of leaflets, resources they need to canvass and convert people in their communities
  • Continue to organise and promote public meetings, debates, and other events to engage the public and share the details of our egalitarian vision
  • Restock our incredibly successful The Case for an Independent Socialist Scotland and For a Modern Democratic Republic pamphlets
  • Those who contribute to our crowdfunding campaign will be able to claim rewards, like copies of our pamphlets and bold T-shirts and badges.

One thought on “Crowdfunding appeal

  1. yes I suppose for free Scotland, I hope all Scotland, vote yes for free Scotland, and be free from England. Good luck on your vote. Thank You.

    Doug Moosbrugger

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