Tories Admit Guilt – But Continue Insecure Work Crimes

by Richie Venton

When is a radical new package of workers’ rights nothing of the kind? When it’s announced by a besieged Tory government, increasingly bombarded by public anger at the horrendous insecurity of jobs and workplace rights in Britain.

Theresa May is today trumpeting a package of measures that her spin doctors describe as “the most radical upgrade of rights at work in a generation”. Let’s look behind the manufactured headlines.

They plan legislation that insists employers issue a “statement of rights” from the first day of a worker’s employment – including what paid leave they are entitled to for illness, maternity and paternity.

Anything that improves transparency in worker’s rights is welcome.

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Show zero hours contracts the red card

by Calum Martin, Edinburgh South and Midlothian SSP

The start of the New Year: a time of consideration of resolutions for the year ahead. Amidst the crisp weather of the New Year, Scottish Socialist Party activists in Edinburgh got the campaigning season off to a bright start—3 January saw not only the first street campaign stall of New Year on Princes Street, but also Scotland’s first political stunt of 2015.

On the afternoon of the 3rd, SSP activists staged a stunt outside the Sports Direct store at Straiton, saying it was time to “Show Zero-Hours Contracts the Red Card”. Armed with the aforementioned red card placards, leaflets, a good stock of whistles and a pair of referee costumes,

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In this issue, SSP workplace organiser Richie Venton looks at zero hours contracts, which perfectly encapsulate the disgustingly exploitative system we live under. Far from being on the margins of the labour market, zero hours contracts are mushrooming, encouraged by the employers’ organisations and the mainstream pro-capitalist political parties.

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