Tories Admit Guilt – But Continue Insecure Work Crimes

by Richie Venton

When is a radical new package of workers’ rights nothing of the kind? When it’s announced by a besieged Tory government, increasingly bombarded by public anger at the horrendous insecurity of jobs and workplace rights in Britain.

Theresa May is today trumpeting a package of measures that her spin doctors describe as “the most radical upgrade of rights at work in a generation”. Let’s look behind the manufactured headlines.

They plan legislation that insists employers issue a “statement of rights” from the first day of a worker’s employment – including what paid leave they are entitled to for illness, maternity and paternity.

Anything that improves transparency in worker’s rights is welcome.

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SSP national spokesman Colin Fox today described the Scottish Government’s Legislative programme as “timid’ adding it represented merely ‘more warm words which leave ingrained social equality untouched”.

Colin said :

colin_fox“Where’s the beef? The First Minister made much of the 500 firms signed up to her £7.85 an hour ‘real living wage’ but omitted to say that even official Westminster figures show working people need to be earning £10/hour to pay their own way and stop qualifying for top up benefits. Nicola Sturgeon needs to do far better than this if poverty pay is to be eradicated in Scotland.”

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New Year message

As we leave 2014 behind and enter 2015 we find the political map of Scotland dotted with question marks. What has been the lasting legacy of that amazing referendum campaign? Who stands to benefit most in this year’s General Election? Will the SNP maintain poll ratings of 40% plus and hold on to 100,000 members to emerge as Scotland’s largest party at Westminster?

Scotland’s working class majority can expect more job losses like City Link, more insecurity and financial hardship stuck in dead end jobs, paying poverty wages, enduring zero hour contracts.

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