#INDYREF2 Bill – a demand, not a negotiation chip

This is a revised and adapted editorial by Ken Ferguson – editor of the Scottish Socialist Voice.

The announcement by Nicola Sturgeon of consultation on a second independence referendum bill – is placed firmly in the context of a weapon in the Brexit battle, not as a central objective necessary for a renewed just Scotland.

Leaving aside that independence referendum polls show that the EU issue is not one that moves people from No to Yes in great numbers and that 38% of 2014 Yes voters voted Leave; the real danger in this approach is that it reduces independence to a tactic in a wider Westminster war.

The reality of this was underlined after the SNP conference by insiders who said the aim was to project the First Minister as the main UK anti-“hard Brexit”

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New Year message

As we leave 2014 behind and enter 2015 we find the political map of Scotland dotted with question marks. What has been the lasting legacy of that amazing referendum campaign? Who stands to benefit most in this year’s General Election? Will the SNP maintain poll ratings of 40% plus and hold on to 100,000 members to emerge as Scotland’s largest party at Westminster?

Scotland’s working class majority can expect more job losses like City Link, more insecurity and financial hardship stuck in dead end jobs, paying poverty wages, enduring zero hour contracts.

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The Case For An Independent Socialist Scotland – free eBook download

SSP PDF download

The Scottish Socialist Party is pleased to bring you our best-selling pamphlet “The Case For an Independent Socialist Scotland” as a free download.

We welcome all to download, share and discuss our arguments against continuing Westminster rule under a neo-liberal warmongering British state elite and our unique vision for an independent socialist Scotland.

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Crowdfunding appeal

The Scottish Socialist Party is currently running its biggest campaign ever.

We’ve been active across Scotland – from Ayr to Aberdeen and beyond – with street stalls, public activity, meetings, and door-to-door canvassing. Whether as part of Yes Scotland, RIC, or working independently, we have received a positive response to our campaign work and canvassing and have received requests from all over Scotland for SSP campaign material.

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