Download A Marxist case for IndependenceIn this issue, the Scottish Socialist Party’s John McAllion – former Labour MP and MSP – explains why he thinks the Scottish Labour Party is a shadow of its former self. This theme is also taken up by Labour for independence’s Allan Grogan, and SSP workplace organiser Richie Venton in his piece ‘Ructions after the referendum’. 

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In the referendum debate; what is the role of the media?

by Campbell Martin

The SNP’s landslide victory at the 2011 Scottish Parliament Election was remarkable, particularly when we consider that the whole electoral process was set-up to prevent such an outcome and no part of the mainstream media in Scotland supports independence.

Of course, people were not voting for independence in May 2011, which meant that some newspapers – most notably the Sunday Herald – were prepared to back the SNP to manage devolution within the UK.

The Sun also backed Alex Salmond for First Minister, but that decision probably had as much to do with the paper’s ratings war with the Labour-supporting Daily Record than any consideration of what was best for Scotland.

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