Download A Marxist case for IndependenceIn this issue, the Scottish Socialist Party’s John McAllion – former Labour MP and MSP – explains why he thinks the Scottish Labour Party is a shadow of its former self. This theme is also taken up by Labour for independence’s Allan Grogan, and SSP workplace organiser Richie Venton in his piece ‘Ructions after the referendum’. 

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Scottish Socialist Voice – Issue 440

Scottish Socialist Voice 440 PDF downloadIn this issue of the Scottish Socialist Voice, Jim Sillars looks at the evidence that pollsters are often totally wrong, especially where grassroots campaigns have taken a foothold. SSP co-spokesperson Colin Fox and John Finnie MSP look at the Yes campaigns chances as we’ve passed the 100-days-to-go marker in the referendum campaign period, Richie Venton urges a break from the billionaires’ bread line Britain, and Jonathon Shafi details the Radical Independence Campaign’s mass canvass event.

Also in this issue, Scottish Socialist Party councillor Jim Bollan writes about his third suspension from West Dunbartonshire Council, and compares his treatment with those of councillors from mainstream parties, and Pam Currie looks at the life of writer, activist and advocate for the rights of the oppressed,

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SSV 437In this issue, published in time for May Day, Richie Venton explains why a Yes vote is the best option economically, politically and culturally for the working class in Scotland, and why Scottish independence – and the proper democracy it can bring – will be a beacon of hope for workers not only in the rest of the UK but also globally. And inside, you’ll find all the details you’ll need to donate to our indyref financial appeal. We’ve got to find £50,000 – and any contribution is welcome! 

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Thatcher’s legacy kept alive by Brown

by Ken Ferguson

Amidst all the warm words marking the 30th anniversary of Thatcher’s 1979 election victory one thing is certain—the New Labour government is her greatest admirer and direct descendant.

At the heart of the New Labour project lies its complete rejection of any Socialist politics and endorsement of the Thatcherite view worshiping the free market and the rich.

So after twelve years of majority New Labour government we still have the most repressive anti union laws in Europe, a growing gulf between rich and poor and a government wholly at the service of big business.

That’s why lifeboats loaded with billions have been dashing to the rescue of the bankers who not only steered the financial Titanic into the iceberg but actually created the iceberg itself.

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