Scottish Socialist Voice – Issue 414

Download Scottish Socialist Voice Issue 414Welcome to the Scottish Socialist Voice – Issue 414, in this week’s issue we have a Bedroom Tax Special.  As the ConDems try to make April Fools of us all, join us and the people as we take to the street to fight back.

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SSP announces top of Regional lists for 2011 Scottish Parliament election

by Kevin McVey

The Scottish Socialist Party has unveiled it’s lead candidates for the 2011 Scottish Parliament regional lists for the election to be held next May.
The list includes two former MSPs, Colin Fox and Frances Curran, SSP councillor on West Dunbartonshire council, Jim Bollan, along with leading SSP activists.

The SSP’s decision to contest all Scottish Regional lists will mean that every voter in Scotland will have the opportunity to vote for Scotland’s socialist party, founded in 1999.

The Scottish Socialist Party will campaign for the rejection of public spending cuts, for an alternative policy putting people before profit and for the core policy of the party, an independent socialist Scotland.

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