Colin Fox: Brexit, Independence & the case for Socialism

It’s been said that ‘Brexit’ is the biggest crisis the British ruling class has faced since Suez. Ironically, that was also about the diminishing of Britain’s power in the world. Britain, the former colonial superpower in the Middle East – which had liberated North Africa from the Nazis in 1956 – was ignominiously outmanoeuvred by Colonel Nasser’s Arab Nationalists and the political actions of French, UN and US forces. The crisis led to resignation of Prime Minister Anthony Eden.

The Brexit crisis today involves similar themes. The British ruling class faces a powerful European Union (EU) they are increasingly peripheral to. They are split over how to relate to it between ‘Little Englanders’ who hark back to the days of Empire,

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Brexit, Independence, Workers’ Rights – Stirling SSP

What does Brexit mean for us?
Should we support independence?
Who’s defending our rights?

Join the Stirling University Scottish Socialist Party to discuss these important issues as we approach the ever-foreboding Brexit day which is casting uncertainty across all areas of UK politics.

Whether you’re an expert at all things political, or really have no clue where to begin, you’re welcome to join us.

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Radical class-based demands are at the heart of Indyref2

by Liam McLaughlan

British politics is in period of almost unparalleled self-inflicted chaos and confusion. A zombie Tory-led government – devoid of any credibility – staggers on. They march to the tune of the lambeg and flute of Arlene Foster’s DUP, the empty nothings of Theresa May and the Tory hard Brexit negotiations underway. For the first time since Sept 18th 2014, I’m happy with some of Nicola Sturgeon’s approach to the national question and strategy for delivering a vote for independence.

Yesterday’s pause in proceedings recognises what the SSP made clear; tying Scotland’s quest for self determination to the issue of European Union membership was the wrong issue at the wrong time.

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Indyref2 strategy was based on “Wrong Issue, Wrong Time”

Responding to the First Minister’s statement today, retreating from her previous timetable for indyref2, Scottish Socialist Party joint national spokesperson Colin Fox said:

“Behind the First Minister’s much-anticipated climbdown over indyref2 is an acceptance of the Scottish Socialist Party’s warning that the strategy she announced on March 13th was a serious error of judgement.

“We warned then that reducing independence to a tactic in the Brexit negotiations was a very serious mistake. She has been forced into this retreat today because she chose to go for a second referendum when we were behind in the polls and over Scotland’s EU membership.

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Scottish Socialist Voice Forum report

The Scottish Socialist Voice forum on Saturday 24th March was well-attended, filling out the Unison Office hall at Bell Street in Glasgow. From a sharp 10am start – a strong panel laid out their respective cases.

Chaired admirably by SSP executive member and Voice subscriptions organiser Christine McVicar, guests included Alex Rowley – deputy leader of Scottish Labour arguing for a federal solution, Larry Flanagan of the EIS union (approved by the EIS executive), the respected pro-independence economist Professor Margaret Cuthbert. Representing the SNP, both Alex Neil MSP and Chris Stephens MP – taking shifts.

SSP joint national spokesperson, Colin Fox provided the party’s pro-independence socialist perspective from the platform.

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Scottish Socialist Voice hosts “No Holds Barred” post-election Forum

The Scottish Socialist Voice – the only socialist newspaper printed, produced and published in Scotland – is hosting a “no holds barred” forum to discuss the outcome of the election and what it means for the left.

Topics will include the next moves for the independence movement, the implications of the rise of Corbynism and what needs to be done to combat the rise of Scottish conservatism and a Tory/DUP government.

The speakers at the event underscore the urgency of the challenges posed –  they include former Health Secretary Alex Neil MSP, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan, Scottish Labour’s deputy leader Alex Rowley MSP, leading economist Margaret Cuthbert and SSP spokesman Colin Fox.

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Independence offers our only escape from a Zombie Government

“A campaign is underway in the Scottish media to portray Ruth Davidson’s Tories as the ‘real’ winners of this General Election north of the Border despite them being again comprehensively rejected here” warns SSP national spokesman Colin Fox.

He continued: “All the polls suggest the Tories will win this General Election at UK level with a big majority. But they also conclude this will occur despite being rejected in 90% of Scottish seats.”

“This ‘zombie election’ threatens Scotland with another nightmare – 5 more years of a right-wing Tory government with no mandate north of the Border. We didn’t vote for them last time or the time before that, we will not vote for them on June 8th either and yet we are set to be lumbered with them yet again.”

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SNP must put Independence at the heart of its manifesto

The Scottish Socialist Party today called on the Scottish National Party to put Independence at the heart of its General Election manifesto next week.

Their call was made as the SSP began distributing 100,000 leaflets throughout the country making the case for an Independent Socialist Scotland.

It followed Tory manifesto launch demands for “public consent” for a second referendum.

“Putting the demand for independence at the heart of this election is the best way to counter Theresa May’s threat to block a second referendum” said SSP national spokesman Colin Fox.

“The polls suggest the Tories are heading for a landslide victory south of the Border on June 8th, but will again secure no mandate to govern here.

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